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Jacque Fresco - Waste, Early Stories, Ideas

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Inefficient, meaning it's waste of resources. Yes. The monetary system wastes limitlessness amounts of resources, in replication, duplication of products that are not necessary. They change the style of automobiles, put a fit on there every year, or making it look different, and if you got a new car every year, you can't dump with the dumpsters. So, the whole idea is to get you to get a new refrigerator, a new television set, and to modify things. So, the necessity of you purchasing more goods, [gestures] louder? (?) Oh, I see, I don't know what that mean, okay. To produce goods and services and make them available. If you do that, the country reaches the production end. But if you modify things, and keep changing every year, adding new features that are desirable, they would have to turn into the old stock, and produce new things. So it is called the conscious withdraw of efficiency, to increase sales. In other words, suppose I design a motor car, whereby you turn two handles down, pull out the engine, put in a replacement engine, and the engine locks in. You know, running the car up over night, and you put in a replacement engine, we can design hundreds of replacement parts of a car, but the replacement sometimes (?) spring, you have to take the whole motor body. Now, if the motor company have to service their cars, I'm sure they look like they do. Today there is a whole budge of wiring above your engine, parts, leavers, gears, they would design a cap which slips over the motor, would be canned and plugged, with multiple outbounds. Would you do is slip that off and then get into the motor this way, and disconnect many things. The automobile came into you have not to do all that, but if you bought your car from a company, and they guaranteed 10 years of service, and they would servicing, they make removable parts to get into that thing. So, that is what I mean by the conscious withdraw of efficiency. The building of freeways and highways are really unnecessary, because that would improve the sales of cars. The more way, more highway should make, the more bridges you build, the more traffic. The automobile are very much for that. They are very much against public transportation. Public transportation would take giant highways, cut them down we wouldn't have traffic, if adequate and immediate transportation safe shrift easily accessible. But it is detrimental to the free enterprise system. So, those things (are) kept away. Also only your own car is something special. So everybody goes off before 4 o'clock. The freeways during the day has not much traffic on that. But at 4 o'clock, boom, they are all jailed in the traffic. And so, it's detrimental, but it's good for the servicing industries, tires, gasoline consumption on highways as changed, you're burning fuel. And so, when you look at all that, and you add that up all over the country, at 4 o'clock it begins to get off at giving time, you take Miami beach if you have being there, on Saturday and Sunday keeps on people. If you change the calendar, so 1/7 of the population off, every day at week, the beach would never be jammed. Very simple solution. Your highways would never jam, you would never having crowding anymore. You must build additional bridges. So, in every automobile parked in front of a factory, you got hundreds of automobiles parked there all day long. They are not being used, they not need to rest. So, the automobiles in the future are accessible and available to all people, that just just like lined ready for your use. You don't own them, but the best car of the nation can be turned out. Build something with the quality of a Rolls Royce, or better than Mercedes Benz. Those cars are there for your use, you get in using, when you get on your factory, you get out with your car, and use in another way, that would be a count down, and have to half(?) automobile. Immediately. But all these cars sitting in car lots, are really waste. Waste of energy. Because you don't have to turn your factory off. The machines don't need sleep at night. So, your manufactures runs 24 hours a day, and produces much more goods and services. And you have your work shift to the day and night. And the person, well, what if a person doesn't want to work at night? And you change incentive. You work at night? You work 3 hours. You work during the day? you work 7 hours. You just shift the advantage around, and you got people on the night shift. Very easy to do. And when you get to be about 25 or 26 years old, you stop, because no sense thinking about something you can't afford to have or do. Fortunately about America, when I was a kid years ago, during the Depression you would buy an automobile for 8 bucks. You know, it's an old Ford, and take it in the garage, and take it apart, I couldn't afford services. So I learned a hell out of that. Now it's just rub a wire in a circle, with a crystal, and make a crystal set. Americans were able to grasp materials and play with it. We had airplanes that were built during the period of World War 1, that were sold in a crate, a brand new for 50 bucks. There was a guy called Carl Ford, used to sell brand new propellers after World War 1, for a buck. It came crated, and I bought one. This is why I met with my friends. I bought that propeller, and he admired me, it was from an airplane. 1 buck, brand new. And then you can buy airplanes, ready to fly, out of the crate, fully assembled, for 150 bucks. ...people yes for yes like a yes. That was in the early days, yes. And that lead to another thought, that line on there. I said can of beans sold for 15 cents, if I put a line on it, just a line on the thing, went to a photo-voltaic cell, and that particular area interrupted, that would set the price. So I have a on the can, which I drew, and I talked to people that time market supermarket, and the guy said you're a dreamer, a dreamer. [Naysayer aceent] "How you can do that? You got to have a cashier on the register." And you know, they sound like aliens, to that where what I said, or did not understand. I would being member of a canning factory, I think, but anyway...

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In these outtakes from "Future by Design", Jacque talks about waste, his early life and resistance to new ideas.

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