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Pascal Ferte, Sanofi Aventis - Crisis reactions

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This crisis offered us a veritable opportunity to illustrate our expertise We established a supplementary savings plan for procurement which corresponds to between 2 and 3% of total procurement. This plan focuses on reconsidering our habits, behaviours and the challenges associated with technical specifications. Generally speaking, in the pharmaceutical industry and in the marketing and consumable procurement sectors, a great deal of habits exists Our course of action, which currently aims for more than 200 million Euros, leads procurement onto another corporate playing field Changing the ways we consume; we proposed to review, together with all relevant stakeholders, our procurement strategies for travel, the car pool and E-catalogues. Above all we explained that other industries have most probably many things to teach us, thus, we are capitalizing on our supplier partners. With them, we have developed a highly-ambitious SRM, to take advantage of innovation and aiming to lead all our internal clients to reassess themselves. We are far from the traditional negotiation/renegotiation that is legitimately expected from procurement roles. Of course, we have implemented this renegotiation leverage, paying particular attention to the financial health of our suppliers. You cannot use this leverage haphazardly. We applied quite a few safeguards. This globally sums up the change in Sanofi Aventis’ procurement role A role which is being revolutionized, with a key priority, to lead our internal clients to reassess the ways they consume.

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Posted by: cscideas on Dec 16, 2009

Pascal Ferte - Procurement director of Sanofi Aventis - is explaining his reactions to face the crisis in his corporation. Innovation, challenges and behavior changes are needed today to face the crisis

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