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Hello, RSA colleagues and partners, Mathew Gardiner here, from the ASOC Product Marketing Team. And I'm here to talk with you about the pricing and packaging of the Security Operations Management Module. This module is part of the Archer solution. So if you're familiar with the RSA Archer GRC solution, this is licensed and packaged in much the same way, as the other modules of that are.

Recently, the Archer solution moved to a use case based licensing and packaging. And Security Operations Management also moved right along with that. So basically, there are two main licenses that enable a customer to have the full-blown Security Operations Management. There's a basic license which starts them out with incident management, basic workflows, and integration with SIEMs, and integration with Security Analytics, and ECAT, the rest of our solution. That's for organizations that, basically, don't have a, maybe a full-blown SOC, but they need to manage their incidents and manage the workflow around them. So there's a license that you'll find, that's the Incident Management License.

For organizations that have full-blown SOCs and need capabilities in addition, including things like breach response and SOC program management capabilities, there is also a license for that, in addition to the first license I mentioned. So we refer to that as our Breach Response License of Security Operations Management. Now the prerequisite for the second license is the first license, the Incident Management License, as well as what's called the Issues Management License of Archer.

All of these licenses use either perpetual or subscription-based licensing. So perpetual is the case where a customer acquires the license, owns it in perpetuity, and then acquires maintenance to get support and get updates. Subscription is as the name implies, a term-based license, where they can license one or both of those above licenses that I just mentioned. But do so on a term, like 24 months, or 30 months, or 36 months, or some other number of months. So for example, you might license the term or you might license perpetual. It's really up to the customer and you should work with them. Basic decision factor usually boils down to operating expense versus capital expense. So subscription licenses are for a certain time period. They get billed annually. It's more of an operational expense. And perpetual license, given they own them, you know, forever once they buy them is more of a capital expense with of course, an ongoing maintenance charge. But that's sort of the decision that whatever that fits the customer's requirements is the way we should go.

All of these licenses I mentioned are based on the same tiering system. And it's the tiering system of Archer GRC. So here are the tiers of the Security Operations Management solution. It actually applies not just to Security Operations Management area, but also applies to Archer in general, same tiering. The tiering is based on number of employees of the organization licensing the technology. So it doesn't matter how many SOC employees there are, or how many incident responders, or security team members they have, it's the organization as a whole, how many employees. So tier 1 is relatively small organization, for example, with license, those licenses I just talked about in the first tier, if they have less than 4,999 employees. For organizations that have... That are, you know, acquiring this for organizations that are over 100,000, for example, would fall in tier 7. And basically, the price goes up as the tiers go up. Because the consideration is that the value of the solution is greater as it's applied across the security monitoring program of more and more employees.

So where to learn more? Look in the attached documents to this module. Or go to SalesIQ and search for Archer use case pricing overview. And you'll find both a PowerPoint and a document describing what I just went through, for Archer as a whole, as well as for Security Operations Management in particular.

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