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Il 5G e i piani di partecipazione 21082019

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In the Middle Ages, there was the Hanseatic League in Northern Europe, a network of cities that found it beneficial to form an alliance Sometimes they shared armies to defend themselves, But then the cities did business for themselves. WeGo wants to create an alliance based on the sharing of data and the of the vision between smart cities all over the world. A contemporary Hanseatic League for the digital era: WeGo, founded 9 years ago in Seoul, is an international organization of cities and companies that want to facilitate the growth of smart cities around the world and create an alliance based on the sharing of data. There are 160 cities involved plus 20 technology companies. The smart cities are publicly and privately built and are the same size. How will this change politics and governance? Cities and governments are in competition, governments cannot do anything by themselves if they don’t provide for the environment. It’s the private companies, banks, and ICTs that do everything. Gov-tech looks to technology for solutions to facilitate the lives and business of the public. To release digital services and favor productivity. To create processes and public administration based on algorithms. We are ready to revolutionize politics and government through big data. To take part in the fourth industrial revolution, we must implement some tools: artificial intelligence, the internet of things, big data and blockchain. Tangible results only come from private companies and people understand it. It’s a PPP— public-private partnership. Of course companies try to impose their products, which are not always necessary or highly desired, and they want too much profit and this can be a problem. So I thought that you can impose as a force a quarter P, people, the people who participate through the app. Civic participation system, the companies must take it into account. If we look at the Internet, we can consider the cities or the large companies as data platforms. With 5G, the technology that will be adopted first by large urban centers and only then by provinces and rural areas, the so-called intelligent cities, in the coming years, will multiply their data exponentially, projecting into the future and leaving their countries of origin in the past. According to the geography of data, are smart cities new, independent nations, independent from national borders? In a certain sense, yes. Already today, municipal governments have authority, regulatory plans, and independent budgets. But you are truly convinced that smart cities will make us happy? In the mediterranean we have another idea of happiness, connected to the community, to human relationships, to clean air, to free time. We are sapiens and sapiens are smart. We have technology to resolve problems and we want to be happy. In the Asian smart cities, a network of Asian cities are already sharing information. We want to do the same thing but for the whole world. Yet here we are suffocating in the smog. Today, while I was going around Seoul, I got an alert on my smartphone with a message from the government saying to go back home, where there’s an air purifier. Also here you spend entire days at work, young people are killing themselves because of the level of competition that they’re subjected to. For someone from southern Italy, for example, or from Spain, a life here would seem very unhappy. The important thing is the conscience, people need to participate and decide first what rules are written down. Only then are they applied. Even in Capri you can make an app for the moods of the inhabitants and everyone should benefit.

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Posted by: gabriella61 on Oct 14, 2019

Il 5G e i piani di partecipazione 21082019

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