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Abortion and Stillborn Babies - Veno

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Abortion and Still Born babies - Veno This is veno and I am here to speak about: still born babies and babies are died because of abortion. I myself..have been a still born baby. So, i..died at birth, and therefor i'll share with you basically, what..'used to happen' when babies were still born and died due to abortion.. and what's happening right now. and also.. Parents who have undergone such experiences.. how you are able to support yourself. Ok, so in terms of the development of babies in the mother's womb: usually at about early six weeks, when the baby is six weeks of development in the mother's womb - the being would integrate. Yet, now..we have changed it that, the being already integrated conception - immediately. so that it'd become like..a..seed, growing into a flower..or a plant, in it's..completetion of expression. and.. I just point..that would the soul..the soul construct, doesn't exist. What exist is - beings. and.. whether you have an abortion, or whether the babies are still born: it is actually beings who died. and.. it is beings who corss over then to the dimensional existence. Now, this..application of beings integrating into..with the moment of conception, happened exactly by..a year ago, an year two months ago.. so, beings who..have experienced, a stillborn baby dying and babies dying due to abortion during this period of time..and even before that, when babies that were in the mother's womb six weeks older..there was beings that died and..for me..I had a very unique experience, being stillborn. way way a long time ago. I was when everything was still..I don't have a word for that but.. before everything change two years ago, and.. what happened to me was I didn't go into the dimensions.. i..when I was stillborn I was still here on this earth plane, I didn't become a demon. I integrated into a human being and..stay there for a few years, so i..interdimensionally grew up here on earth, but not as a person..not as a being..not as a human being. Kind of like human being but not completely, I wasn' my own physical body if you want to call it that. So,'s interesting. abortion, let's look at abortion, when..women decide.. I almost wanted to say 'when men' also (laugh), men don't become pregnant. When women..decide to have an know, I am certain such woman experience.. much..concerns know, here pops up this baby..and it's not expected (sigh) but in terms of women that have done abortion ..and experienced babies being stillborn: don't take it personally. I now do my first to not take it personally, when you've decided it..or's stillborn baby. They', it happens..and.. for what it's necessary, is you don't take it personally from a perspective of: allowing yourself to..become angry at yourself or..experiencing any form of.. guilt, anger, you know self-hatred..women go through that extensively, because apparently it's their fault. it's not your fault. i'd say.. in terms of women that have's..more because of this world. It's more because of the entire money system, because it's primary cause usually why woman have abortions, is because the either.. don't have money to support the child or, they're too young. and..but if you have a look, let's say this world was.. a contestant of oneness and equality expression..that .. all in this world..all human beings at equal amount of money, and everyone was merely expressing themselves, that's it. everyone just expressing themselves. Human beings, nature, the universe..the animal kingdom, all..standing as oneness and equality and expressing themselves. Just look at that..if women then have babies, in terms of that situation, whether expected or unexpected - change a lot. I am certain. terms of still born babies, usually what I find well in terms of my own experience.. that was not where I was suppose to be in the moment. in other words, remember in terms of reincarnation, in the previous..before this, before two years ago.. when everything started changing, when reincarnation was still..kinda in a loop. You were a specific family, sometimes you could choose your own family.. but usually you didn't have a 'choice'. and.. in terms of baby being stillborn is actually the being's decision. when they discover: ok, i'm here. and..i'm not supposed to be here, i'm required to be somewhere else. and they 'choose' to go somewhere else. not necessary reincarnating to another 'family' per se. i'm saying they require specificly, let's say in the dimensions, or in an interdimensional..expression of themselves and..the same happen to me, I mean.. i'm actually busy writing my experience, I have already. and.. I knew that..I wan't supposed to be born, in this world to be of this world. I was literally, i'd say the definition of 'being in this world but not of this world' and.. therefore I existed interdimensionally in another human's body and that's where I grew up, that's where I learned - many things. I learned many things, in terms of still.. practicing them specificly in this world is again, a different story. to assist you guys with. yae, so.. women who have done abortion, it's not your know. Understand the reason why you have to make peace with that because, you know.. I understand, as many understand because..we know how this world is, so in terms of human beings..condemning abortions, and things like that. (sigh) They don't understand, and..though I would maybe, you know, women who are at the moment re-considering abortion, maybe just.. look at what this baby might actually present to you. This is veno. Thank you very much. More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Productions ©

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Veno from Desteni gives Perspectives on what Abortion and Stillborn Babies really Means and the Choice is an Illusion and emotional and concern is Unnecessary.

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