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TLE class 1: Michael on Rav Ashlag

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There is so much than can and needs to be said about Rav Ashlag, But in this short presentation, I would like to share with you, Some of what I can say excites me Or is important to me About this amazing soul, this amazing person Who came out down into our world, in our generation. Rav Ashlag soul is one of those souls, that comes down to our world Not very often! Probably it was Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Isaac Luria the Ari and then Rav Ashlag And Rav Ashlag explains that the reason why he merited to reveal the wisdom that he did, He was really the person who opened up in our time,

And really for the first time in history, the gates of the wisdom of Kabbalah so that They can be accessible to the entire world. And the reason why he was allowed to do this Was because the world was ready But even in Rav Ashlag's time The thought to teach the Zohar, to teach the wisdom of Kabbalah, To even men , was something that had never been done before And Rav Ashlag knew that the time had come, To break down the barriers, to break down the wall between the people and his wisdom More importantly he knew, that only when this wall is broken down, when this wisdom is disseminated to the entire world Could pain and suffering be removed from our world And that is why he did nothing else with his life except dedicated To teaching this wisdom To making sure that the books that he writes, And the lessons that he teaches will be available To anybody who wants will be able to partake and taste of this wisdom. I always know when someone is truly a student of Habbalah Or they're just ... passing through If they become excited about the teachings of Rav Ashlag Because the teachings of Rav Ashlag are really The root, the essence of what the center is about And really the essence of what Kabbalah is about. It is not a philosophical study, it is't simply wisdom to learn But is a way to change ourselves And Rav Ashlag specifically in his amazing work The gift of the Bible Matan Torah, He makes it very clear that No other purpose to our spiritual world is important Not gaining wisdom, not becoming...holy, other that transformation Rav Ashlag teaches us, some of the most important lessons That we can gain from him: First, is that the only way to truly gain and understanding this connection with his wisdom is by yearning. It can always be said that the entire reason Why Rav Ashlag met his teacher Was to truly awaken within him a desire for this wisdom And a light that it holds Because again the amazing thing is that he met him for 3 months Than he met him for one day and then he forgot all the wisdom that his teacher taught him But from that moment on he knew what he was lacking He knew the wisdom that he had lost And he kept than begging and asking and begging and asking Not stopping for one second in the day And only because of that Only because he knew that his life was no life without this wisdom That there is no purpose for his life without this wisdom That he merit to receive that light That he merit to be the channel probably One of the greatest if not the greatest channel For the dissemination and revelation of this wisdom in the history. It is because he was in our time Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai Even Ari of Isaac Luria, they are from a previous time They weren't in the world, at least physically as we are today But Rav Ashlag was here, was here until only over 15 years ago And he knows the world that we live in and he ... I think accepts us Because of the world that we are in. What we can gain from Rav Ashlag is First, a true yearning for this light And second, which is a very important lesson, Truth Rav Ashlag sais that from when he was a young boy, He could never tell a lie. It wasn't because he didn't want to but because truth became so important to him that he could not live with a lie Unfortunately many of us still practice Kaballah, Connect with his wisdom But lie to ourselves, live within the realm of lies Rav Ashlag's teachings, the true teachings of Kabbalah It's called the ... The Wisdom of Truth. Where no lies can be told, not to the world But more importanly, not to ourselves. In this day, when Rav Ashlag passed away, We have the opportunity to connect to truth To the real truth Real spiritual work Real spiritual wisdom, real spiritual connection In many other times, in many other connections, we can lie to ourselves But you can't connect to Rav Ashlag and lie to yourself. We have an amazing opportunity tonight, To connect to this amazing, amazing soul But more importanly we should ask That we want to connect to Rav Ashlag Because we want to truly connect with this wisdom And one of the things that Rav taught us, A true Cabbalist, a true connection to Rav Ashlag, Is when we dedicate ourselves to their work When we dedicate ourselves to disseminating this wisdom, as they dedicated to their lives.

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