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Rappeler l'esprit que je suis - 5'

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The question is always the same: are you accepting, including ? Are you calm, serene, joyful, do you have compassion for the limits of others or of the situation? And it is the only question. It is spiritual because it is what the spirit is. Are you drifting away from inclusiveness? Are you forgetting acceptation? Are you forgetting about outer considering, about understanding others? Are you restless? Are you sad, sullking? That is it. That is all. And those are the references, you see! After asking the basic question, however: are you there? Because that is where it all starts: are you there? That is : first be present, remember yourself. And you can only remember yourself if you remembrer one aspect of the nature of spirit. Do you remember love or compassion? Do you remember serenity and joy? If you remember, all is well. You are spiritual at the higher possible level, because you are in the spirit, either because you live that way directly, or because you are working at reaching that level of living. And all the rest is but moonshine. And it is so all the time : now, later, in whatever situation and with whomever. And being present means, very simply, not being mechanical any more. That is where it starts. Most people do not know how to be present. but you just need to stop being mechanical, to not let yourself drift into mechanicity, be it in words or attitudes. And that is all. You decide to willingly be inclusive, willingly be calm, willingly be joyful. That is all. if you do that, if you really willingly include, meaning you choose love or compassion, if you wiilingly decide to be calm, to willingly be joyful, you are doing the greatest exercise you may do. There is no greater exercise, because it means that you tune yourself to and resonate with the spirit. But you cannot do it if you are mechanical. You see? So self-remembering is very simple, regardless of what is being said here and there: it is just deciding to willingly include, to willingly choose love, compassion calmness and joy. That is what self-remembering is. All else is mechanical. It excludes and it is mechanical. it is not being conscious. It is not doing things willingly. It is a mechanical movement in you which excludes something or someone. You are restless? You are like a dummy on strings, a puppet, that means. That is what restlessness means. You are sad? It is something else which imposes itself on you, someone else or something else imposes itself on you, which is not you. And, on the path, you have to want to be yourself: to remember yourself, and that self is always joyful, serene and inclusive. So you do not have to do that much, you do not have to make efforts to remember yourself, you just have to willingly decide to be as the spirit is. Have a good day.

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Posted by: apzoir.detereol on Jan 31, 2013

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