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Why are there two polarities when 'God' is seen as only one? Sadhguru

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we say one god we believe or whatever but when you see the manifestations you have the polarities,bipolar positive,negative,man-woman. so why that is singular and this is bipolar? isnt that a source of confusion actually? that is one question second is.handle one this is not simple question. your question is not simple question. you are questioning the basis of the existence oh yes that's fine but how can you have one more question you cant have one more question because that question is questioning the very basis of the existence isn't now there is a duality only because there is duality there is possibility of life as you know it you and me life and death man and woman day and night please see they are not opposites they are compliment to each other if there was no night would you know what is a day would you know, would you know ,no if there was no woman would you know what is a man, no if there was no death would you know what his life ,no so your very perception of one has only come because of the other, isnt it because right now your very perception is only limited to sense perception and sense perception perceives everything only by comparison and what you perceive in comparison is not perception it's a distortion of reality right now let's say you are six feet tall and now you think like a tall person you walk like a tall person, you feel like a tall person and you are a tall person you went into another society that everybody's eight feet tall suddenly you think like short person you feel like a short person, 0:02:47.819,0:02:51.639 you walk like a short person and you are a a short person isn't it so what you perceive in comparison is not perception it's a distortion of reality so what you perceive as duality is a complete distortion of reality now when we say reality there is an immediate reality and there is an ultimate reality in the immediate reality without duality there is no function only because there is duality there is life in the ultimate possibility there is no duality everything comes from one becomes two but it's always rounted in one now when you have played around sufficiently with duality you enjoyed it but at the same time you've seen the limitation of it then you want to know what is beyond this duality that is the search for spiritual knowing not because of you frustrated if you frustrated you cannot seek spirituality only if your experience of life has become beautiful you have experienced creation is a wonderful possibility now you want to know who the hell created this yes you saw piece of art work no good stuff do you want know who are the artist is you saw piece of work absolutely fascinating now you want who created this.isnt it? if you experience this existence is something truly fantastic now you want to know who is the hell have created this whole thing right now you hate the man who was next to you why do you want to meet his creater isn't it if you hate this one do you want to meet the one who created this you don't want have anything to do with him isnt it, yes or no so your talk about god will mean something only your experience of life become blissful your experience of life is become blissful you are enjoying the existence so much now you really want to know what is the source of this existance till then god is just meaningless word you're talking god because of fear because of greed because of guilt it doesn't mean anything just psycological process existentially doesn't mean anything nor you can approach it in any sense you can just believe and hallowcinate you cannot approach it any sense only when your experience of life has become so blissful now you really want to know what is the source of this blissful existence what is the source of such a fantastic existence now you will naturally move towards the artist who created the artwork isn't it otherwise do you want to go and meet him when your experience of life is horror do you want to meet the man who created this horror definitely not. isnt it? if you want to experience the fantastic nature of this existence you must respond in a limitless way only then you experience perceive an experience the beauty of existence right now you are just responding only to your husband only to your wife maybe you experience life as horror. sorry they are they are not in just opposite against each other they are very much in tune duality is constantly subject to change,yes ,thats fine is duality constantly subject to change,yes or no what is life will become death what is day will become night what is spring will become autumn isnt it if you have this that is bound to be there so once you are in duality you cannot maintain a constant level of experience you can live in duality but if you routed in that which is beyond duality then you can play with duality whichever way you want if you're routing is not if your routing itself is in duality if your experience is limited to the duality then the subject to the changes that the duality naturally goes through 0:07:47.069,0:07:49.069 if your whole experience of life is limited to the physical the physical is a product of the duality.isnt it? 0:07:57.909,0:08:00.139 the physical is the product of duality if your whole experience of life is limited to the physical whatever changes the physical goes through your experience also goes through, isnt it? your body is feeling good and healthy rightnow and life is working out well around you right now you are happy so your body is feeling terrible you no more happy life situations around you are not working out of a you think they should you no more happy isn't it any amount of philosophies it doesn't matter what kind of philosopies you develop it doesn't matter everything is the way it should be it's gods will. you tell t what you want but your face is becoming long isn't it yes or no you tell yourself all kinds of lies to solace yourself but till 0:08:49.749,0:08:51.889 your face is becoming long yes isnt it so it will be become because once you experience of life is limited to the duality whatever changes duality subject to your experience is also subject to the changes now when we talk about spiritual process,inner engneering we are talking about shambavi maha mudra the idea is to give you the taste of that which is beyond duality if a little bit of you at least in constant touch with dimension which is beyond the dual you will see whatever changes happen on the level of the duality the routing is somewhere else still you are nourished with your blissfulness that external changes cannot take it away from you anymore but care

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks why there are two polarities (negative/positive, man/woman) when God is seen as one. Sadhguru explains that because of duality the possibility of life exists, that they are not opposites but are complimentary. (AO43)

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