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Annoying Orange 6: Super Bowl Football

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-[Orange mumbling] Hey, get me out of here. Whoa, watch it, Mr. Grabbypants. I don't like being carried around like that, geez. -Whoa... whoa. -Whoa! -Hi, there. -What the heck are you? -Me? I'm a football. -You're a ball made of feet? -No, no, no. Foot-ball. Get it? Not made of feet. -Whoa! [grunts] Whoa... -Whoa, it's a melon! -I'm not a melon, I'm a football. -Oh, no you're not. Not in America, buddy. -Whoa... -Freakin' tourists. -Is Melon made of feet too? -No, nobody's made of feet. Boy, what's wrong with you? -I'm an orange! -Yeah, newsflash, thanks. -Your face is full of laces. Somebody didn't take their shoes off. [laughs] -Hey! Do you even know what a football is? -Yeah, it's a ball made of feet. -No. Football is a game that picks two worthy opponents against each other in an arena made of violence and grace. It's the only true-- -Boring. -What? -You look like a mutated lemon. You're a lemonhead. [laughs] -Yeah, that's not even funny. I'm shaped like this so it's easy to throw me. -Wait? Throw you? With their hands? -Yeah. -So why are you called a football then? You should be called a handball. -No. -You're a handball! -That's not my name! -Hey! Hey, Handball! -It's Football! -Hey Handball, do you have any money? -No. -'Cause I want my "quarter back." [laughs] -All right, this is getting a little-- -Your name is Handball Lemonhead. [laughs] -That's not my name! -Hey, hey Handball! Can you blow bubbles with your spit? -No. -Like this, watch. [mumbling] -That's disgusting. -Try it! -No! -You're not trying. -Yeah, and I'm not going to. Stop that! -You'll love it! -No, I'm pretty sure I won't love it. -It's fun! -No! What's going on here? I'm the star of the Super Bowl and this is how I get treated? Being berated by a talking orange? -Super Bowl? Is that for a really big salad? [laughs] -No! It's not for a really big salad! Are you actually that slow? -Hey, hey Handball! -What?! -Foot. -What? -Whoa! [Football yelling] -Hey Handball, can I have your seat? [Football yells, groans] [sighs] Oh, well. -Whoa... [grunts] I tell ya, I'm a bloody football, not him. -Yeah right. Handball told me that you weren't made of feet. Stupid melon. Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 2 minutes and 36 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: daneboe
Director: daneboe
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Dec 22, 2010

Annoying Orange meets a Super Bowl Football!

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