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Mac vs PC

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Hello, I'm a Mac; Hello, I'm a PC.

We've got a lot in common these days; We both use Microsoft Office, We share files, it's great, we just get along.

........ PC! Okay.

Hi, I'm a PC! Ok, we're past that, you can go beyond that.

Yeah, I entered restart period, you know how it is. Actually, I don't.

Oh, what, Macs don't have to ...

We had him and we lost him; I'm going to get IT. Keep an eye on him.

Hello, I'm a Mac; and I'm a PC. [Sneezes]

Gesundheit! Are you okay? No, I'm not okay ... I have that virus that's going around.

Oh, I ... You'd better stay back from the dudesy.

That's okay, I'll be fine.

No, no, do not be a hero. Last year there were 140,000 known viruses for PCs.

PCs ... not Macs.

So ... I think I've got to crash.

If you feel like ... that'll help.

Hello, I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC.

Ready to get started? Oh, not quite, I've got a lot to do. What's your big plan?

I might make a home movie, or maybe create a web site, try my built-in camera, I'll do that right out of the box. What about you?

Well, first I'll have to download these new drivers, then I've got to erase the trial software that came on my hard drive. Sweet.

And I have got a lot of manuals to read. It sounds like you have a lot of stuff to do before you do any stuff, so I'm going to get started 'cause I'm kind of excited. Let me know when you're ready.

Actually the rest of me is in some other boxes, so, I'll meet up with you later.

Hello, I'm a Mac, and I am no one.

Okay PC, what're you ... Listen friend, it's not very safe for me right now do you understand? There's lot of spyware out there, it gets in your system follows you wherever you may go. Take these.

PC, I don't need them, really, I'm good. I run Mac OS 10 so I don't have to worry about your spyware and viruses. You take them.

Yeah, you're right, I probably should have a backup anyway. You never saw me. Never saw who? .... Me, PC ... Oh!

Hello, I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC. What's with the big boy clothes?

Oh, this, yeah, I just came back from a meeting, so.

Why, why were you in a meeting? I do work stuff too I've been running Microsoft Office for years.

Microsoft Office; work stuff? Oh, boy. Oh, I knew this day would come.

Oh, I just need to sit down, oh, wow. There's plenty of work out there for both of us, I don't know why you're acting like this.

Why go on? Just let me lie here and depreciate.

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Year: 2008
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Posted by: acsousa on Jan 15, 2013

Short clip with Apple ads: "Hello, I'm a a Mac, and I'm a PC."

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