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Project Fortitude is all about helping children and young people understand that the law is there to help them and make them strong. It's about being able to empower them through play and games. We're working up to age 15 but also down to nursery age. Normally we don't put law and play together But Project Fortitude does. Fun We have worked with children and young people from the start of this project so that the work that we produce accurately represents the sorts of things that children experience on a daily basis Taking part in the project is really important so the more children that get involved the better picture we get. I think it's good because it's looking at children's law using their opinions. Rules Know where I stand. Well historically children don't generally know about their rights and the project aims to give them that information. We'll be finding out what children think about legal rights and responsibilities and rules. The children may be involved in telling each other stories, asking questions, it may involve more creative approaches. And it being interactive makes it more memorable, fun and a lot easier to recall. And we plan for these games to be made available to children across the UK and also adapted for use in other countries. Games Play Law The end goal is to have a range of playful resources that we know that you can play and have fun with but by doing that, then you'll build up legal muscle, legal strength. Ultimately the project seeks to empower children to discuss and weigh up the benefits of using law in navigate life. My rights My responsibilities Make me strong We feel it's important for children to understand that the law can help them in a real broad range of situations in their lives. We are here to listen and we are here to respond and we are here to make sure that a difference is made to young people's lives This project is about giving them voice so if they are in those risky situations that they know they can seek help and they can keep seeking help, until somebody does helps them. ♫ We've all got rights ♫

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