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The Virus Killing Superdrug - Takes out Colds, Flu, HIV! - CENSORED

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THE VIRUS KILLING SUPERDRUG - TAKES OUT COLDS, FLU & HIV! The virus killing superdrug Takes out colds, flu and HIV This is In a local newspaper On today August 14th 2011 There is a report out of Boston A prestigious American scientific lab May have found a cure for the common cold, flu, HIV and almost any other virus you can think of May sound like science fiction But a virus killing superdrug That homes in on infected cells and make Them self-destruct has been created in the Laboratory A team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of technologies Lincoln laboratory have Designed a drug That can identify cells that have been infected By any type of virus Then kill those cells to terminate the infection Its hit list includes human Rhino viruses The bugs behind half Of colds in adults and almost all colds in children Flu Polio Stomach bugs and deadly dengue fever The drugs known as DRACO For double stranded RNA activated caspase oligomerers- oligomerizers Is almost expected to zap measles Is also expected to zap measles and German measles Cold scores, rabies Several type of hemorrho- hemorrho- Hell god! Hemorrh- -agic fever and even HIV and it could be on pharmacy shelves In Ten years Time So the lead researcher said "It's certainly possible that there are some virus that we aren't able to treat But we haven't found it yet The discovery of antibiotics revolutionized The treatment of bacterial infections and we hope That this will revolutionize The treatment of viral infections There aren't many anti-viral drugs out there at the moment." So, Rider is part of a team that has exploited cells in actual defense Against infection The Drug works by targeting a type of RNA Produced Only In cells that has been infected by viruses Because the technology is so broad spectrum it could Potentially also be used to Combat outburst of new viruses Such as the 2003 Sars outbreak So when viruses infect The body they hijack cells' Internal machinery To make copy after copy of themselves Sounds like our Consumerism Business in the world isn't it? And in our media and our television During this procedure They create long double stranded strings of Genetic material RNA Our cells usually defend themselves by making Proteins that latch on to the RNA and stop the virus from breeding But many viruses can out smart this Defense system Yes, it's Like Outsmarting the human's own intelligence isn't it? So, Rider also harness the second natural process called Apoptosis In which disease cells Commit suicide We will come back to that just now The drug Homes in on cells with Double stranded RNA Stop the infection instruction and Kill the cells To finish off the infection What is more Healthy cells remain untouched Lab tests DRACO killed 15 viruses DRACO works so quickly that it takes If taken early enough it stops It should stop Any symptoms from appearing they show it also Water viruses meaning it Could stop people from becoming ill In the first place! Ten years time remember! ten years time When did we say Equal Money will be in place? Ten years time Do we then need All the Heavy health situations? In the world and Medical personnel, you see Because with the Equal Money system Obviously We are going to need a lot Fewer doctors Lot less doctors and a lot fewer hospitals and here is the stuff Starting to happen That is going to make that possible! Ten years time So Obviously because the drug is so Effective Will work in such an unusual way It will take a while before we start with human tests So This is a fascinating thing Because What is interesting is if you have Studied the Desteni material Which unfortunately many of you haven't You would have had the privilege to listen to What Marduk had to say in his design of the DNA, RNA and How the patterns were done That he left a way For the human to get out Obviously the way was Equality and oneness Furthermore a fascinating thing if you Have been studying the Desteni material You will be aware of it is that When a person die in their last breath of that In an out breath Which is eternity They face themselves and if they are infected so to speak that means They are not What is best for all and they can't Stand They are not healthy They Commit suicide They delete themselves This is what happens to you If you leave this body and as we have also indicated in several interviews that The human body Is a universe and that Every single cell Is a universe and that it Can, could fit, during the research All the beings in the universe In one single cell of a human being and obviously that during the process All the universes That were not Moving within What is best for all was Removed and all was brought Here! So that everyone can "face" What has been allowed That obviously There was also A system placed in To make sure that no one can In any way Intervene, with what is Busy happening End up! I am obviously irrelevant in all of this I am purely Able to support Those willing to support themselves To Help them Realize themselves I mean but They have to do it, I can't do it for them Each one must do it and must do it obviously what's best for all So Here we have it Interestingly enough that this particular Drug that has been known damed DRACO And if you have Study the Desteni material We have indicated that Marduk The father of The DNA, RNA Was in fact Draconian So Is this co-incidence In a reality where everything is specific Nothing is coincidence It's always designed We will be facing Once this reality is cleaning itself up That means with your death You will be facing Yourself If you are infected and Still able to spread The disease you have become You will not continue and you will delete yourself You will commit suicide so to speak The healthy ones Amongst us will continue and Heaven on earth will emerge, that is As we have Reiterated so many times Your last Life This is the last Life of every being That is moving through the physical It's coming into it and the same point Will from the hands on remain the same If you come and you abuse Your end will be your last breath Same process So The human virus Is coming to an end But it is happening at all dimensions As above so below and here where we are now All in the physical substance and all its multi-dimensions The dimension of the virus is also Now moving towards its Established Point in how It would bring about and support with A change To bring about what is best for all Online! In time! Ten years from now If you hear me Prepare yourself No one will save you It is a very lengthy process To clean yourself out Minimum seven years Mostly will take longer Join us at Desteni I process and prepare yourself Or Don't worry All harm you can ever do will come to an end at This Life With your last breath Or you will change To that which do no harm that Which support all Life In a way that is best of all in fact Not just some Light That shines and pretends to know it all In fact! If you study Desteni material You will realize That that in fact "Is" substantial and those incapable Of realizing The obvious That you must test something For yourself to see that Means you must test Desteni tools For yourself to see How effective it really works You have a little problem Because your breath is not your own We Will not see you again This is not a message of fear This is a message That contains within it The absolute Essence of what is really going on You want to check it Breathe in Breathe out and leave your body If you have no fear and you stand clear Your body won't die But if you have You will not be able to leave your body And so If you can leave your body You will be able to investigate The alternative is to investigate In this reality You have enough dimensions Enough people Enough relationships Enough Problems To investigate and correct You don't need Spirituality You don't need religion You need to sort out This world and all the beings that is here In a way that is best for all Do so and you will reap the Rewards Which is yourself You will birth yourself Don't do it? Not a problem There will be a superbugger up waiting for you and, that's it I mean it's like Doops Gone Forever Isn't it wonderful? You can't remember where you come from So does it really matter where you're going? Join us At Desteni Support The introduction of a system That will make it possible for everyone To Actually investigate themselves and prepare For the birth of a new world Join us at Equal Money Make sure That you prove That you truly value Life Equally! In all! Otherwise your Life Is worthless

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