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How to choose a Blu-ray Disc Player

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[♪♪] [Howdini - get yourself a guru] Hi there. I'm Veronica Belmont. Today I'm going to show you what features to look for in a Blu-ray Disc Player. First of all, you should have a 1080p HDTV to ensure the best possible viewing of your Blu-ray Disc movies. Okay, now for features. You want to look for the following. First, one of the main advantages of a Blu-ray Disc Player is that they allow you to get the most out of your HDTV. It's the best way to enjoy your movies in full HD 1080p the highest resolution currently available. Next, you'll need to have an Internet connection to take full advantage of some of the new features many Blu-ray Disc Players offer. Things like streaming movies, videos, TV episodes and music directly from the Internet to your HDTV from Netflix, You Tube, and Pandora. Just to name a few. It's really incredible everything this little baby can do. Also, some players are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi for wireless streaming which is great when you don't have an Ethernet connection nearby. Other players require you plug in an Ethernet cable. Either option will work. You just need to be connected to your home network to enjoy all of the features I just mentioned. On a player like this one, you can even download an app for your iPhone, iPod touch, or Android phone, and turn it into a versatile remote. Now you can control your player and access movie info search entertainment topics and more. [♪♫] If you're a movie buff like me, I'm sure you have a huge collection of DVDs, [♪♫] so hold on to those because most Blu-ray Disc Players actually play and upscale DVDs making them look better than ever. Of course, they still can't compare with how incredible Blu-ray movies look. And guess what, 3-D is here, so buy a 3-D enabled Blu-ray Disc Player. so you're ready to go when you upgrade to a new HDTV with 3-D. [♪♫] Finally, high-definition audio capabilites. [♪♫] Things like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio [♪♫] which means you hear the movie the way the sound engineer intended. [♪♫] After all, what you hear is as important as what you see for the full HD experience. [♪♫] There are also Blu-ray Disc Integrated Home Theater Systems [♪♫] that provide an easy one-stop solution [♪♫] that includes HD audio and Blu-ray Disc Player all in one box. [♪♫] Now you're ready to enjoy spectacular HD entertainment [♪♫] from your Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. I'm Veronica Belmont with Sony for Howdini. For more great tips and ideas, go to

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Blu-ray Disc Players aren't just for watching movies in HD. Many players offer the capability to stream movies, TV episodes and music from the Internet. Technology guru Veronica Belmont shares expert tips for how to choose a Blu-ray Disc Player.

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