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Episode #3 Zionism

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So what is Zionism for you? I would define Zionism as a political, cultural, maybe religious movement that started in the beginning of the 1900s in Europe in order to build a Jewish State. Mainly in the land of Israel/Palestine the area that's here now. Under the assumption or the basic will to have a place where Jewish people can share their culture without being mixed with other cultures that are making the decisions of what is happening all around them. And today ZIonism I guess for many people it's the will to stay in the land of Israel and to be very connected to the country and to the state. To serve in the army and for some people it is to have the entire land of Israel. As Israel. That's what I would say. What do you think Zionism is? Ok, that's a hard question. For me I grew up to hear a motto its about giving the land without a people this is how Israelis or Zionists say it, A land without a people to a people without a land which is the Jewish nation. Which is not, for me, it is not true. Because there were also some people living in this land. Zionism is a political movement that was established in order to make a refuge for the Jews but the way it is taking place now is making another oppression on another people. So for me, I'm against anyone oppressing anyone. Now the facts may have changed. There are some facts on the ground like "Status Quo" if you call it Two States for Two Nations it is not like what it was. But the thing that should be changed is that no nation, nobody should be oppressed.

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Episode #3 Zionism

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