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Phase 3 pt.16 (Fashionable Murder)

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presents Phase Fashionable Murder" We are the consumers of these industries... And if we are not smart consumers, then we are giving these industries the green light to keep supplying us with garbage... which is produced in the most immoral of ways... if we do not stop purchasing... then we are just as much responsible for the in-human acts commited we share the crime. And remember what goes around comes around, and that goes for the way we treat humans, animals, and the environment. After learning how our food is made, one must wonder how industries mass produce our other consumption products Do you know how your clothes are made ? earth-ling: n. One who inhabits of the earth. Since we all inhabit the earth, all of us are considered earthlings. There is no sexism, no racism or speciesism in the term earthling. It encompasses each and every one of us : warm or cold blooded, mammal, vertebrate or invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, and human alike. Humans, therefore, being not the only species on the planet, share this world with millions of other living creatures, as we all evolve here together. However, it is the human earthling who tends to dominate the earth, often times treating other fellow earthlings and living beings as mere objects. This is what is meant by speciesism. FESTIVAL OF THE BULLS, SPAIN We must be ashamed of the ways we treat animals and nothing will prove this more than the leather & fur industry The following presentation contains scenes of a violent and graphic nature. Nevertheless viewer discretion is advised. Over 100 million wild animals are murdered for their pelts every year, 25 million in the United States alone. These animals, obtained by hunting and trapping, are kept on fur farms in conditions like these. Naturally, these undomesticated, wild animals are not accustomed to being caged, and cage madness develops when frightened and frustrated animals are driven crazy from the stress of confinement. These wild, free-roaming animals, and their offspring, find themselves unable to live a natural life, can never take even a few steps or feel the earth beneath their feet. Instead, they are reduced to scratching, circling and pacing endlessly. injuries and slow death involve broken and exposed bones blindness ear infections dehydration and malnutrition exposure to freezing temperatures lack of veterinary care and slow death. killing therefore, the least expensive methods are the most appealing. Carbon monoxide poisoning, Strychnine, suffocation, breaking the neck, and anal electrocution are some of the more common methods used. Removed from his or her cage with a heavy neck-pole, the animal is walked past the rows of bodies of slaughtered foxes, sables, raccoons and wolves, among others. Death by anal electrocution is a crude process that requires a probe to be inserted in the rectum while the animal bites down on a metal conductor. Often times this inept procedure must be repeated to actually kill the animal. And the skinned carcasses seen here will later be ground up and fed to the animals still caged. CHINESE FUR FARM They are skinned alive ! CANADIAN SEAL HUNT This is the internal reality of the issue But externally... This is the glamorous appearance you see Phase 3 Now, go home and think about it. Think about whether it's really for you. If you decide it isn't, It's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's not for everyone. Thanks. To be continued inshallah...

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Duration: 9 minutes and 58 seconds
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Producer: WakeUpProject Film
Director: Noreaga & Achernahr
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Posted by: memica on Feb 16, 2010

From food, to careers, to relationship choices, we have been manipulated to chase the appearance and ignore the internal realities. We continue to strengthen this system as we support its poisons. Chapter 4 will delve into solutions and concepts that will inspire us to effectively improve ourselves and our world inshallah. Phase 3 is intended to be a film of reflection rather than only information. It is meant to involve the viewer and to expect a level pro-activeness within us all, inshallah.

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