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Why is it important to pray? Well that is an interesting question isn’t it? I wonder what your answers would be? But my answer is firstly, that we see from Jesus in the Gospels that he spent time with His father. He went off on many occasions to spend alone time with His Father to pray and seek His face. And so I think we are encouraged to do the same but Jesus also gives us an example of how to pray. The Lord’s prayer. But also I think prayer: it works. I have seen over many years of my own life when I have prayed about different situations and God always has given an answer. Maybe it is not always the answer I expect or desire but I know that God has a plan in every situation and every season of my life. And I have seen that prayer works. So now I just want to share a quick story because I have seen that Prayer has worked in my last life over just the last few months. So now I just want to share a quick story because I have seen that P has worked in my last life over just the last few months. We have been friends ever since and have gone through the highs and the lows of growing up. And just a few months ago I felt really, really challenged to pray for her because she wasn’t a Christian. So I began fervently to pray, every single day that Jo would come to know Jesus. And began to have more and more conversations about who Jesus is and what He did on the cross for everyone. And I began to explain how she can have life and experience it to the full if she just came to know Jesus personally. And then a few weeks passed by and I remember texting her and I said Jo, if there is one thing I could pray for you for – what would it be? And this was the text I got back: "Grace, Yesterday I made a decision, quietly, on my own, in my own space to become a follower of Jesus." "Please pray that I find a church where I can find community, family and grow in my knowledge of who Jesus is and what he’s done for me." What a text to get back?! But prayer works. But prayer works. So I want to encourage you today – if you are praying for your friends - keep praying – keep pressing into what God has for them. Take the opportunities to share your faith when the opportunities arise. But believe that Gods in Heaven has a plan. The biggest thing that I discovered when I began to pray for my friend is that I began to grow a desire within me to see her know God. So, prayer works. Keep praying for those friends and those family members who don’t yet know Jesus. And I am believing with you, and I have faith with you, that they will to, like Jo, encounter the love of God for themselves.

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