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A Part of Me

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"In The Focus" Developing a character in a documentary movie. A Part of Me It frustrates me...Putting a thread in the needle... It drives me crazy! I get hot flushes from being that nervous. This actually my "transition" dress. I've been working on it since the start of my transition. I've inweaved my whole life into it. This grey, cold colour is dedicated to all cold and mean people from my life. Who have not supported me... That's why I will wear my dress bright and happy! Romana Taylor was born as Robert Bantic 50 years ago in Komin... Which is located in Dubrovacko-neretvanska region. There, she spent her childhood. In Zagreb, she developed her career of a fashion designer. For years, she identified herself as gay and lived a double life... During daytime she was a man, while at night she was a woman She have started the process of gender transition in May 2015. This process is still happening. Robert's clothes were thrown into Neretva river. He would jump in the river, to get it back. Come. His mother threw his red ripped jeans in the river. In that time, no one would wear jeans like that. But I did! Because of that, I was well known in my hometown! When he was just a little kid... He was very peaceful. People would call him a "little girl". And really...He didn't like any aggressive things... He would always play with girly toys. While growing up...and as a teenager... He was extremely peaceful, but different than others. "Robert can't run a boat across Neretva river, he will drown!" "Because he is incapable..." "Robert is not allowed to sell fruits and vegetables in the open market..." "...Because he will be robbed..." "He doesn't know anything!" He was always "stupid" in his mother's eyes. ...A man who comes from a village... ...Who deals with agriculture... But hates the hoe and the soil He can't stand any of that... My parents even signed me up in a school for a road transport... They wanted to predetermine my future... That I am going to be a truck driver... Receive the "C licence" (for riding a truck) Is it called like that? Yes...C licence... They wanted me to transport vegetables... To be involved in the agriculture... But nothing of that came true for them. I took one small bag and ran away from home. I started living life on my own. My mother has never forgiven me that. My escape from home...Never! I escaped from home because of her... She was harassing me. I was 20 when I came to Zagreb. Or 21... Something like that. Robert, unfortunately, has all of his life lived in the Saturn period. And the Saturn period ended in 2016. Forever! And now, everything that Robert didn't have... Romana is going to have. The most beautiful prizes from Saturn, for everything that Robert had to go through. C'mon Fray! Let's go! I saw it somewhere around... C'mon, honey, after Mesnicka street. Romana doesn't miss her family any more... She is very happy! Because she has moulded herself... She has actualised and procreated herself. Actually...I don't how am I going to look like. The hormonal therapy is feminization. I'm introducing a female hormone to my body. Which... ...changes the anatomy of my body, the structure of my skin... It changes everything! Therefore, I don't know if I'm going to have the same legs as now... Or I will blow up as a balloon... I don't know Or how much my hips are going to grow... All of my life I was miserable because I don't have my breasts. To feel like a female. I was born in the wrong body! Some people put silicone breasts... But they have not felt that natural magic... But I've felt it... Because my breasts have grown to size "1". And they are still growing...Naturally... On my own body! And the journey is still long! That feeling of breasts growing on my a transgender women... ...trapped in the wrong body until now... The feeling is magnificent! I am always looking for something special! You get it? And I know that there is something special... Guy: But you need to find it! Romana: I dress very special. And I would also like to have special underwear! Calm down, baby! God knows what is sexy for them.. Let's find out! This is not really practical, bothers you when you wear a shirt over it... Well, it is not for wearing a shirt over it! Here it is. I don't like to be vulgar. (guy: What?) That is terrible! That doesn't fit into my concept of female beauty. You get it? No, Borna, don't even open that, it disguises me! It is all "fetish clothes", I'm not interested in that! guy: This is nice! This is so sexy and it is cute! It's great! I mean...It is not something you usually wear... Romana: I agree! But it is sexy! It is sexy! I've always seen women as goddess and divas! I've always expressed my respect towards them through my creations... Everyone know... I've never had any vulgar creations! For example those cheap, peasant dresses... I can't stand those! My hair is going to be long... Of course! Until here! A little bit brighter than the colour I have now. It is naturally curly and wavy, so it is gonna be cool! I think that I am going to be very attractive. There is no middle when it comes to me... You either love or hate Romana... Those who don't understand me, they hate me. Those who love me, they accept me for who I am. In the meantime, Romana found out that she suffers from asbestosis, a disease with no cure. She is left with only couple of years of life. She got sick while working in the asbestos factory in Ploce. When they told me that I'm dying from asbestosis... They said that I have only 7 years of life left. I told them...After I threw all the paper documentation while in hospital... Doctors held the consilium... I don't even know how many of doctors were involved... I told them... While you are preparing to give me full information... I'll go light a cigarette outside. I told them... I don't adept your diagnosis. I am going to be the oldest women on the planet. I'll never grow old. And when I'll be all wrinkled, I am still going to be young! I took all the documentation, came home with a smile on my face... And then it hit me... I started crying... You can't be indifferent about it, of course. But I quickly pulled myself together again. And I don't talk much about it with anyone. Robert is always going to live in me, therefore I won't miss him. He has to, he is a part of me, right? In the fall of 1993, Robert performed as Josipa Lisac (female musician) Then, the future Romana for the first time publicly shined in a dress.

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