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Hello. I'm the Social Market. You may be wondering: So what is? For I am a network of organizations production and distribution of goods and services and consumers and consumers individual and collective in a given territory. To participate you must meet certain criteria ethical, democratic, ecological and and solidarity in a given territory strengthen this partnership allows all parties involved, favoring processes of inter- possible to disconnect in economic models unjust, undemocratic and that are neither socially nor ecologically sustainable it's about creating economic relations based equality, non-competition and production of goods and services that prioritizes social benefit on economic and environmental How does it work? I have a certification system that labels itself both production and distribution organizations and their products and services. This way anyone can know that is consuming and promotes participation dynamics democratic and transparent In addition, partner organizations and individuals undertake to eat into the market, insofar as possible, and thereby receive benefits in the goods and services consumed I was born thanks to a lot of organizations working in the field of alternative and solidarity economy from around the state and already part of me: consumer groups and fair trade shops libraries, media, transport, cooperatives producing solar ethical financial services, etc. But the goal is to incorporate more and more vendors to go cover our needs. Why do I need your help? To develop website, through which To access all the goods and services associate to the market and have at your disposal all information the same environment I also need to build a team that generates both the public communication campaign market as accompaniment for the incorporation of new organizations and individuals partner. Supports and participates in the Social Market

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Posted by: socialmediasolidaria on Dec 20, 2012

Cooperar para transformar, fortaleciendo herramientas para ampliar el Mercado Social

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