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Arabinda Basu: Diversity of Life, Unity of Spirit 

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[globaloneness project] [Diversity of Life, Unity of Spirit] ARABINDA >> We're all human beings. And so, all human beings are one. And yet, all human beings are the plural. You and I are very different. [Arabina Basu Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India] But what are human beings? [Arabina Basu Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, India] There is something common between you and me. It is thought to be a rationality. Well, on a certain level, it is true. But we are all spiritual beings, so, all are children of God. Now matter if they are Christian or Islam or Buddhist or Hindu or whatever. Nobody can stop me from being a child of God. Even God cannot! So to speak. There, we are one. Can I find that unity with you on the spiritual level? This is how we see this problem. But he thinks evolution is bring about a certain condition of living, both inward and outward, that the soul of mankind will come out to the front. Which, at the moment, veiled and concealed and sleeping, dormant-- but has to come out. Make itself felt in outside life on the basis of inner richness of life, spiritually. So, Unity and Diversity means Unity of Spirit, Diversity of Manner of Life. Which Unity of Spirit allows. If you look at it from the point of view of God, or the Divine, how does He allow so many religions? There you will find the diversity. Humans are extremely complex and very diverse. Therefore, different kinds of religions have to provide it. Everybody cannot follow all the religions or any other religion. Unless his inner spirit brings it about. So, there is diversity and so, the life is concerned. There is Unity of the Spirit is concerned. How to bring the two together? How do you bring about an outside life the spiritual unity, which, on the basis of the diversity which are allowed, because human beings are so different? That we have life that is different, that our progress is different, that evolution is different. These, we have to allow for. We must address the problem of diversity on the basis of unity, which is spiritual. []

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Posted by: global on Sep 10, 2008

Arabinda Basu, philosopher and scholar of Sri Aurobindo, explains that an inner consciousness of unity will in turn allow for greater understanding of the multiplicity of life. He says, "We must address the problem of diversity on the basis of unity, which is spiritual.”

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