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Rav_Need of Process_10 Sefirot

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After Einsof (the endless world) from Keter to Malchut could be lifetimes. But, we just got through saying it - if I want it, there was impact got it all right away well that was before we got to paragraph 87 It's yes and no because it's so rapid what we want it, is like almost the einsof you immediately got it but we're talking now about manifistation I mean, all my life I want 1,2,3,4,5... and then it takes somehow... it takes time and ultimately we get it. Let's say we get it ultimately. But if we got it ultimately, why didn't it why wasn't it there at the moment I said I wanted it? But it takes time. Sometimes it takes lifetimes. Sometimes it take A lifetime, sometimes it take a week, sometimes it takes a half hour sometimes it takes a minute. But in our mundane existence if I'm hungry I need to go through a procedure of eating. Why don't I just capture it right away? And what do I capture when I eat? I don't capture the food, because that in fact disappears, I capture the essence, the taste, something of a metaphysical world. Why don't I get it all right away, why do I have to go through this that way? Because that's after einsof, after einsof you have a creative illusionary process Steps. There's no avoiding steps. Now, how fast the steps accure will depend on the level of activity, of restriction. Why are there steps? We will understand... Very subtle, but it's incredible, and how he explains it. But let us understand - the moment there was a desire it requires steps. What re those steps called? We have terms for it. Not steps called 'time', but steps called Keter, Chochma... until Malchut. It must go through 10 Sfirot before a thing becomes actual. Even on a thought level, forget about the physical level that it requires that. Because in the seed it must have required it it must have that aspect of levels. Because where did what came later come from if it didn't come in steps before, then it doesn't come in steps now. Every thought must proceed not only the actual physical reality must of necessity, I say 'of necessity' because it's the law and principle of the universe that it must go through stages of 10. So, everything that has to become manifest has to go though these 10 vessels which are Keter, Chocma, Bina, Zeir Anpin which is including Chessed, Gevura, Tiferet Netzah, Hod, Yesod Zeir Anpin, small face, which is inclusive of 6 sfirot therefore we have now a total of 9 with Keter, Chochma and Bina and Malchut. "Therefore...", and this is the law and principle of the universe, because we are not giving rules here for individual cases in Kabbalah we are not looking to treat one aspect of something we are looking to give the rule that encompasses everything so each time you don't have a new case at hand. But everything belongs within the framework of 10, and everything operates on the framework of 10.

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Rav_Need of Process_10 Sefirot_ENG

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