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♪ music playing ♪ >>Will: Before you open your mouth, the first thing someone sees is your smile. Driving is hard work. We know you won't always feel like smiling but choosing to smile can lead to a great first impression. Which could help your rider feel comfortable. Regardless of any negative experiences on the previous trips, choosing a positive outlook makes it easier for you to welcome your next rider, sincerely, and to get the ride off to a great start. If you choose to focus on the negative that bad attitude is going to come through to your rider, and you're choosing to cut your chances at getting that tip you're expecting. Speaking of first impressions, we as rideshare drivers sometimes make the mistake of judging our riders before they even get in the car. For example, if you are picking up a carpool style trip with multiple pickup points, you might think that the rider has chosen that service to save money. You might even think the rider is so cheap they aren't going to tip at all, but those riders may have chosen that service to be environmentally friendly by sharing the ride. Plus, when they choose the less expensive option, they can afford to tip. It's important to still give an above and beyond experience to these riders, too. Simply choosing to go above and beyond instead of judging your riders could mean the difference between no tips at all or multiple tips on the same trip. Remember that each rider on a carpool style trip deserves a sincere greeting and that sincerity may be observed multiple times by your passengers. This will only reinforce your professionalism and impress your riders and give them a reason to tip. The key as always is customer service and safety. If you can provide excellent customer service to your carpool riders, they'll appreciate it. But if you choose to treat your carpool riders as second-class riders, you're tossing your tipping opportunities out the window. You'll never convince someone to give you tip if you have a bad attitude. But you may earn a tip by choosing to give excellent safe service to every passenger, regardless of the type of ride they've chosen. Choose a good attitude and choose a tip. ♪ music playing ♪

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