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Portrait of Erik Renssen, Dutch artist

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This is called "woman with towel" She is drying her back I have made this because i like to play with shapes and... I have tried to keep it as abstract as possible. My name is Erik Renssen, I live in Broek in Waterland... I have a wife and two kids and I am a painter. I like to struggle with a piece but it also has to have some spontaneousness. It must represent strength, it has to burn into your memory when you leave it... That's important. I try to confuse the mind... that's the essence of my work, and it has to have some humour! Always Jazz, I always play Oscar Peterson or Miles Davis when I work. it has a certain rhythm that's nice to paint on, it may sound silly but I enjoy that! I'm swinging around! Sometimes when I plan to paint a nude... while drawing, I sometimes see something new in the picture... this may illustrate the creation process. This work behind me for example... I'm working on that at the moment.. I was drawing it with charcoal... then I added some figures... wich turned out to be a bed baluster... So, that's when i decided to make it a nude on a bed! So while working you discover things that you don't know of yourself. In my work I try to surprise people... with strange shapes or strange colours... people may even be shocked by what they see. Yes, I like women. Can't get enough watching them, that's for sure! You have to put it on the canvas in one stroke, that's the power of this work... painting with a fast, direct stroke. Manytimes I am surprised what comes out of my hands... when I'm painting it feels like mysterious things happen... Where does it come from? I have no idea! While I'm working and I'm in the right flow, I loose all sense of time. I am litterally in the picture myself! I'm inspired by ordinary things... the things around me in the workshop, no matter how simple.. and when I see the children play, I could easily make something nice from it. even the dog running around, it doesn't matter! Just simple things. Like this canvas here, I like to work at it because... it's long, big, exiting, erotic, it has it all.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 50 seconds
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Director: Eelco Romeijn
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Posted by: on Dec 7, 2008

Portrait of a Dutch painter for
Portret van een kunstschilder voor
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