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Little Miss Naughty

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Are you ever naughty? Sometimes, I bet. Well, Little Miss Naughty was naughty all the time. She woke one Sunday morning and looked out of the window. Looks like a nice day for being naughty. That Sunday, Mr. Uppity was out for his morning stroll. I could knock his hat off, you should watch From behind a wall, Miss Naughty knocked Mr. Uppity's hat off his head with a walking stick My hat! Mr. Greedy had put a turkey in the oven for lunch. A rather large turkey. Oh, I fancy that turkey, I'm gonna pinch it! Oh, who's that at the door... just when I'm about to eat my delicious lunch? Oh, no!! Poor Mr. Greedy! A sausage isn't much of a lunch when you've been looking forward to a whole turkey, is it? And do you know what she did that evening? She went to an expensive restaurant and ordered all the most expensive food on the menu. Oh, yeah, I'll have oysters, caviar, salmon, T-Bone steak, well done, two plates of chips, lemon meringue pie and your best bottle of lemonade And do you know what she did next? She sent the bill to Mr. Mean Naughty girl! What a shock! The next day, she met Mr. Worry Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh dear! Oh, what..what is the problem? well, it looks to me as if you've got measles Your face is covered in spots! Oh, dear, dear! He worried off to see Dr. Makeyouwell. Dr. Makeyouwell listened to Mr. Worry's tale, and took a mirror from his drawer. Oh..there's no spots! What a thing to say to me when it wasn't true! Oh, what a lovely day, and it ain't dinner-time yet! The Mr. Men decided to hold a meeting "Something has to be done!" announced Mr. Uppity, showing them his bent hat. Mr. Greedy thought: "Oh, yeah..." he cleared his throat and spoke "Oh..." "I've no idea" "Well, I have", piped up Mr. Worry, I know what a naughty little girl needs, and I know who can do it" "Really...who?" What...what? "That would be telling, wouldn't it?", chuckled Mr. Worry. and went off to see a friend of his, someone who could do impossible things, like, making himself invisible. That afternoon, Mr. Nosy was asleep under a tree. Little Miss Naughty crept towards him with a pot of paint in one hand and a paintbrush in the other, and a rather large grin on her face. "I'm gonna paint the end of his nose" But, just as she was about to do this dreadful deed, something happened. The brush jumped out of her hand. dipped itself into the pot of red paint, and began to chase little Miss Naughty down the road. Get off! Buzz off! Get off! Somebody invisible was holding the brush and pot I wonder who. Mr. Jelly was waiting for a bus all alone, when, behind his back, little Miss Naughty crept up quietly. She had a balloon in one hand, and a pin in the other. Oh, she couldn't do that to poor nervous Mr. Jelly! Could she? Oh, yes, she could! But just as she was about to make the balloon go pop!, something happened. The balloon began to grow larger...and larger... as somebody invisible blew more air into it. Miss Naughty began to lift off the ground. Help! Help me! Put me down! She sailed away, up and over the trees, on the balloon, until a bird picked it! Poor Miss Naughty! She fell into the duck pond! Mr. Lazy was in bed, fast asleep, Little Miss Naughty stood by the front door, She raised her hand... Oh, she couldnt' be so naughty as to knock on the door and wake up poor Mr. Lazy! Not at six o'clock in the morning! She couldn't! Oh, yes she could! I'll make him angry by waking him up this early! But just before she did, guess what? The naughty girl felt someone, who was invisible, tweak her nose. Hard. Ouch! Then her nose was tweaked again. Get off! Now! It's not fair! And little Miss Naughty ran home, holding her nose. But after that, she was cured. No naughtiness at all! Mr. Worry went round to thank his invisible friend. Hello, Mr. Impossible, Thank you for helping to cure poor little Miss Naughty "My pleasure", laughed Mr. Impossible, "but it did take a week, hahaha!" Yes, indeed, yes, and a tweak, hahaha!

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Posted by: totleigh on Jan 22, 2011


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