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IBM's Watson outperforms humans in Jeopardy!

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We're going to preview to a short round of Jeopardy. It's going to be hosted by a member of our Jeopardy! clue crew. Please, welcome Jimmy Maguire! Gentlemen... Good morning everybody, thank you for being here. What do you say "we play Jeopardy!"? Let's get right into a Jeopardy! round. These categories are A man, a plan, a canal...Erie!, Chicks dig me, Children's Book Titles, My Michelle, "M.C." 5 and finally Vocabulary. Ken, you're in the first position. Please, make a selection. Mmm, I've never said this on TV - Chicks dig me for $200, please, Jimmy. Kathleen Kenyon's excavation of this city mentioned in Joshua showed the walls had been repaired 17 times. Watson. What is Jericho? Correct. $400, same category This mystery author and her archeologist hubby dug in hopes of finding a lost Syrian city of Arkesh. Watson. Who is Agatha Christie? Correct. Same category, $600 At the Olduvai Gorge in 1959 she and hubby Louis found a 1.75 million year old Australopithecus boisei skull. Watson. Who is Mary Leakey? You're right! $800, same category. Harriet Boyd Hawes was the first woman to discover and excavate a Minoan settlement on this island. Watson. What is Crete. - Yes! Let's finish Chicks dig me. (audience is laughing) At Mt..., at Mt. Carmel in Israel Dorothy Garrod was the first to find this prehistoric human skeleton outside of Europe. Ken.... What is Neanderthal?... You're right. Let's go to Children's books titles for $200. Margery Williams' story of a stuffed toy that comes to life - The (blank) Rabbit. Brad. What is Velveteen? You're right... M.C. 5 for $200, please. He's worth every penny as Alfred Pennyworth in The Dark Knight. Brad again. Who is Michael Caine?... You're right.... M.C. 5 for let's jump up to $800, please. Edgar Degas' style influenced that of this female American impressionist. Brad. Who is Mary Cassatt?... Correct!... And M.C. 5 for $1000. The film Gigi gave him his signature song "Thank heaven for little girls." Watson....Who is Maurice Chevalier?...Correct! Same category $400. The parents of this 52nd governor of New York immigrated to the United States from Salerno, Italy. Watson? Who is Mario Cuomo?... Correct! Let's finish M.C. 5. This child star got his first on-screen kiss in My Girl. Ken?... Who's Macaulay Culkin?...Correct! Children's book titles $400. By Judith Viorst "Alexander and The Terrible, Terrible, No Good (blank) (blank) Day" Ken...What is "very bad?"... Correct! Book titles $600. By Dr. Seuss - The (blank) Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. Ken again... What is 500?... You're right. Mmm, book titles $800. By Maurice Sendak - In the (blank) Kitchen. Ken?..What is Night?...Correct!...Book titles $1000. A classic by Crockett Johnson - Harold and the (blank) Crayon. Watson....What is Purple?....Correct! Taking you to $4400 and taking us to our first break. We hope you enjoyed it! I certainly did! We'll be right back after this!

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IBM's Watson supercomputer destroys all humans in Jeopardy.

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