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The Eiffel Tower is beautiful and at night it shines and sparkles like a star. when driving around paris i saw a beutiful foutain. Arc de Triomphe is so big, pretty and the flame in the centre is so amazing. All the buildings and hotels are so incredible and stunning to look at and know that there so old. The streets are so lively and busy day and night. The restuarants and stores are so impressing it takes your breath away. The was a admirable fountain, it had gold and mermaids on it. it was in a square with gold and trees. One of my favorite things about paris, would have to be the round abouts. There so fun getting stuck in them. The shopping was endless. All beautiful clothes you could think of. The old churches were breath taking. The glass and paints in them was so beautiful. The crepes and food was so good. I think i have gained like 10 pounds from eating so much. There is some many streets and if you dont have a map, you may get lost. Some of the places in paris the streets are so small and Some of the streets in Paris are so small, and confusing. They drive so fast down these tiny streets and never crash. The names and art in the streets are unbeleivable to see. The little gardens and tables, are so nice to sit and look around at the nature and site are you. These one church was so beautilful!! It had huge stain glass windows around it. There was a large organ and when it was played it made you have chills Thats what i have dont so far in Paris, it has been so much fun. Wish you had come. Hope you write back. your truely

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Posted by: twinnie on Sep 18, 2009

paris france

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