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Arie: Mosaic Film Festival Arie: What are the ideas today? Arie: Im not gonna lie. Last time the idea about The man born with a sweater for skin Arie: Was the absolute worst idea I've ever heard Arie: And that was my idea Arie: This is a big step out of everyone's Arie: Comfort zones. We've never done anything like this Arie: So we need something golden, some really good solid ideas Arie: What have you got? Ben: Uh, what about something with gorillas? Arie: We've already tried that. Orangutans are all Arie: We can fit in the budget right now Jake: Well you know what makes me uncomfortable? Jake: Space Ben: You know what makes me uncomfortable? Ben: RATS!! Ben/Jake: SPACE RATS!!!!!! Arie: Space rats? I like that. Elaborate Arie: Why do space rats get you out of your comfort zone? Ben: I feel like all of us are pretty used to space Ben: You know it's there. Jake: It's a vacuum! Ben: It's a vacuum!! Ben: And rats... They can't like vacuums Arie: It's no good. I understand it but i don't see Arie: the comfort zones, I don't see the sticky notes Arie: Continue... Something else Ben: What if we have.. um.. I don't want to push this Arie: Im going to stop you right there.. That's awful. Arie: Next idea. You can go ahead Jake: Milkyway Arie: Not you Ben: Ra.. Rakes on a train Ben: So there's this giant pile of leaves Ben: All the leaves in America Ben: Compressed into one area Ben: All the rakes.. in the U.S. Need to be there Ben: As fast as they can Ben: I don't think were getting anywhere Arie: I saw that coming Jake: I think we've all gotten out of our comfort zones during this meeting. Arie: Elaborate on that. Ben: Um we can just use this Arie: use this??? Ben: Yeah Arie: Oh now I understand. *WINK*

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