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We are the natural Filipino ingenuity, hard work and patience just like Sir Sean. That's our story inspiring to be instructive of every Filipino. Diligence, patience, determination and self-confidence that the investment of our boss so he became the boss of his own, from a former employee. Watch these Like many Filipinos he started as an employee in a multinational company it was Sean Alberto I handle the production and holding lots of people, and the company also operates 24 hours and even Sunday we have work. We have a 12 hours operation That 12 hours operation it has continues shifting schedule every week So there was a time during Sunday that I will do a straight duty so I can have morning schedule by next week. But Sean Alberto has not stopped pursuing to have his own business. My inspiration is to focus on something and that's my family. If your family will be your baseline, then you will do everything for them If you are thinking for yourself only and your the one who needs it so if you think of it even you failed no one will be affected but only yourself. But if someone else would be affected more especially your love ones you really need to do it to have good result. From his personal collection of perfume has created his way of his dream perfume business That was named Gem Quest Trading Gem Quest just started last December of 2015 it's a kind of business that offers perfume OPA perfume a product of Gem Quest If you will ask me why we only offer one scent because we develop it in such a way that it will enhance charisma of one person our product enhance the natural body Pheromones focus on something you think you will not fail What will be your mind setting for you not to fail? Don't only think of a reason just for yourself but think of a reason for the persons who are important to you Diligence, patience, determination to have your own business these are some his investment to get his dream business An ordinary employee before is now a certified boss to the boss of his own company.

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