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Smart Meters and microwaves | Compteurs Intelligents | Effets des micro-ondes - cellulaires - WiFi - sans fils

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We are now talking about this event which was held simultaneously in Montreal, Quebec, and Sherbrooke. To request a moratorium on the proposed Hydro-Quebec' smart meter. Protesters call for a public and independent inquiry to assess the hazards linked to electropolution. For each subscriber in Quebec, may accept or reject the installation of this counter which emit radio frequency on his property. The state company, she has indicated she would answer questions from the public. At hearings to be held over the coming weeks. First, François Drouin the coordinator for actions of the Quebec coalition to fight against electromagnetic pollution. Then two people who suffer from this pollution. It started with smart meters, but it started with the basic electro-hypersensitive who are experiencing health problems with smart meters, but also with other wireless technologies. And so we clearly asked the government to reconsider their positions on this issue. And we say they are in their due. The Quebec government is accountable to the public for the decisions they make now. And if they do not pay attention now, they won't be able to say they were not warned by the population If health problems occur in the future. For me, my symptoms are that I have tachycardia, tightness in chest, my nervous system is very touched, I also have palpitations, difficulty reflecting, difficulty thinking, the brain is completely ... it no longer works well. Yes this is very serious! Just passing in front of a microwave oven, it bothers me. With the electric meter, I won't be able to live like this. Hello, my name is Eric Hamel. I am a liberator. I was present at the manifestation against the smart meter from Hydro Quebec in Sherbrooke. And I gave an interview to the TV channel V, but they have not broadcasted it. So I told myself that it was perhaps a good idea that I record it myself. Since 7 years, I have been learning about what vital energy is. And 4 years ago, I started teaching people about what vital energy is, how to get it, how to bring it where we need it. Because our ailments, sicknesses and diseases, are all coming from a lack of vital energy. What is vital energy? It is an electromagnetic energy. And what I discovered through the years is that microwaves, that are coming from microwave oven, computers / wireless networks, and cell phones are all waves called microwaves. It's been four years since I have no cell phone. I threw it into the sea, when I realized what it was doing to my body. I am electrosensitive. That means that I feel these energies. And it creates cramps in my body. And I feel stress when I'm in an environment where there are too much. At home, I completely disabled wireless networks. And I use the least possible wireless networks, so that it does not go through me, because I really feel it. What I discovered is that microwaves destroys vital energy. So science will never be able to prove that it causes a particular disease, Because it's not what it does, it causes a multitude of different problems, because it destroys the vital energy. Then you might say: "Who is this guy to say such a thing?", "Do you have any proof?". YES I have proofs. The first is a video that shows a smart meter. And where there are plants around the meter, and you can see that the plants have died around the meter. It shows how IT KILLS LIFE. It destroys the vital energy. Also, there is another evidence. You can take water. Heat the water in a microwave oven. Allow it to cool. And feed your plants with it. Within two weeks, your plants will die. So, what was in the water, that is not there anymore after passing in the microwave? Well, it is the vital energy. There is an email on my site called "The Need for Water and Light". And where you can see that in water, there are bio-photons, it is light. So that's vital energy. It can be seen through a stomatoscope. It is a microscope that magnifies thirty thousand times. I recommend you go see it because there are pictures. There is a link to a site called "" which allows us to see a slideshow on bio-photons. And so you can see these units of light, it's amazing how beautiful it is, it opens like a flower in eight steps. So it is amazing how the creation is beautiful. I gave a workshop in Paris, two or three years ago. And there I had the opportunity to test a device that measures the amount of microwaves that are in a room. So you can see the tester and the email I wrote about it on my site. It's called "Love, an electromagnetic energy". What happened? We were in a room where it like a "bunker", there was even metal covering the windows. There was no wave in that room. No cell phones were working. Wireless Internet was not working either. So when we used the device which has a small orange ball at the top, you could see the reading gave 0.0. I did a test. I put my hands on the ball and I started breathing. Breathing is the # 1 pump of vital energy. Just to see if the device would pick upsomething. So I put my hands on the ball, and I breathed two big blows. And I was preparing to send a lot of energy at once. I did not even had time to do it. My attention was caught to open my eyes. And the lady who held the tester, she was flipping! Because the tester was reading something! The numbers were turning super fast. Then it prooved to me that Love, vital energy, is an electromagnetic energy of the same type as microwaves. But it's a natural energy. While microwaves are artificial. So it is in conflict. And that's why it destroys the vital energy. Besides, if you ask someone who is electrosensitive, they'll tell you all sorts of different symptoms. They all have different symptoms. That's why I tell you, science will never be able to say it causes a particular disease, because it causes a multitude of problems, since it destroys the vital energy. And how come there are people who are more affected than others? Well that's because there are some who have more vital energy than others. So those who lack most, they will have more problems with that. So in closing, if I can give you some tips for those who are electrosensitive, it is to breathe more during the day. The more you breathe, the more you will pump vital energy. Bring your attention inside of you, it will fill yourself with vital energy, that's the first thing. The second thing you can do is to say: "I fill all the cells of the physical body, and the space between cells, with vital energy and oxygen, and so be it!" And then you listen to what is happening, and you will feel a wave that will fill your body. It will help you fight the negative effects of microwaves. Also, there is a document called "The Five Steps To Love of Self" on my site. By making each step, it will enable you to raise your vital energy inside of you. This is also something you could do to counter the harmful effects of microwaves. The last thing I would like to mention before leaving. It is that each cell of the physical body, communicates with each other by electromagnetic energy. Electric is used to send. And magnetic is used to receive. So the microwaves interrupt the communication between the cells. And not only between the cells but also between organs. As I said earlier, once again, it proves that it could cause all sorts of different problems. I recommend you go watch a video also on YouTube called "From pure water to living water" (De l'eau pure à l'eau vivante) It explains that electromagnetic bombardment is creating dead water. So, a water that has no more vital energy. Well, on that note, I wish you all a good day! Goodbye! Live Blood Analysis & Electrosmog We can learn much, by looking at our blood under a microscope. This short video shows the macrophage which is like a vacuum cleaner, engulfing bacteria among red blood cells. I decided to find out what my blood looked like. I perked my finger. Placed a drop of blood on a slide. And looked at it under the microscope. This is what I saw. The cells are round. Some are separate. And a few are sticking together. Overall, fairly healthy looking blood. This testing was done in a clean electromagnetic environment. And I did not eat or drink before or during testing. I then worked on a computer for seventy minutes and looked at my blood again. This time, the cells are sticking together like stacked coins. This is called rouleaux formation. Later that day, I used a cordless phone for ten minutes. And looked at my blood again. And this is what I saw. Very unhealthy looking blood. There are virtually no single cells. Most of the cells are now in rouleaux formation. A doctor told me that's what she sees with cancer patients. What I learned is my blood goes into rouleaux formation when I use the computer, or a mobile phone. This type of clumping interferes with the release of oxygen, and the removal of waist products, like carbon dioxyde. The capillaries are so narrow that red cells most squeeze through in single file, showing the importance of their elasticity. What are the consequences of rouleaux formation? Poor circulation, resulting in lower oxygen transport to cells, and reduced waste removal What are the symptoms someone may experience? Headaches and fatigue, difficulty concentrating, numbness, tingling, and cold extremities. And possibly heart & blood pressure problems, including risks of stroke. What is the significance of this? Live blood analysis may be a good diagnostic for electrohypersensitivity. For more information about electrohypersensitivity, visit "".

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Smart Meters and microwaves | Compteurs Intelligents | Effets des micro-ondes - cellulaires - WiFi - sans fils

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