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Who is Jacque Fresco

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My name's Jacque Fresco, I'm an industrial designer and a social engineer. I'm very much interested in society and developing a system that might be sustainable for all people He has been labelled as a genius, a prophet, a visionary and sometimes as an eccentric and dismissed as an utopian dreamer. But in the end no matter what they say he's Jacque Fresco, the creator and the mind behind The Venus Project. A monumental work of several fields of knowledge. Jacque Fresco. Jacque wants to basically redesign the world. Extraordinary 93-years-old thinker, who thus created a strategy to build a new unified symbiotic world. And it includes the design of new cities, the abolition of money, a new paradigm for living. It is called The Venus Project What do you think of when you contemplate the future? For Jacque Fresco this is what it looks like. The future with technology that is ??? , money is no wealth. 15 million people around the world are now involved or aware about it. Dr. Fresco is a respected social engineer, industrial designer, designer and inventor, PhD in Human Factors Engineering and has worked on many things from anti-icing systems to prefabricated aluminium houses, designed systems for noiseless and pollution-free aircraft. Wrote the book "Looking Forward", has lectured to the department of sociology in Princeton on sociology of the future, guest at the College Editors Environmental Conference in Washington, lecture at Queens College New York, University of South Florida, University of California, designed various items ranging from drafting instruments to x-ray units. So you know, don't just dismiss this. If he says it's possible, it's possible. What's this?

Well, in times to come, most of you are probably familiar with the giant units

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