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Functions of the Elite and the Illuminati in The World

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The function of the Elite and IlluminatI - Benazir Bhutto Hi, this is Benazir. I am here discussing the functions of the elite and the illuminati, within this world. The elite and their function. the elite power..of the structure.. of how, and of what this reality..within the world system..operates. In other words, the elite charge of the..structure foundation format.. of the world system..within the manifestation of corporations, and businesses. In other words, excuse me, in other words, the elite..are the ones, that provide..the structure.. within which the world system operates. For human be, 'organized'..through providing..job opportunities and work. Where you..give yourself to the system..and receive from the system. The operation..within, and as the world system, businesses and corporations. This is the..function of the Elite, within this world. their position..within the world system, is..businesses and corporations, the, upon which..the world system moves, which presents.. human beings, with the opportunity..of work, where you give yourself to the system. the to you, and you receive..that which you give. This is the operational function..of the world system. The illuminati, and their function. The illuminati..are empower of, the underground..meaning: they charge of Generating money, through means of..war, through means of..force, through means of..gangs, and through means of..yes, (smile) those are the three. main..manifestations, within..and as the world system.. for which the illuminatI are responsible for, which is referred to as the underground.. as..gangs, force..and war, for the generation of money. so both the elite and..the illuminati, together with money in it's itself formed a triangle. We have the..elite(right), the illuminati(left) and then the top point. Money which is at the moment, in and as a manifestation, of banks..within the world system. So the elite..illuminatI together work according to..the banking system. and both the elite and the illuminati..are the one, that are in charge..of the world system. For now the elite, as i've explained.. is responsible for and empower of.. corporations, and businesses..within this world, as this structure foundation..of the world system, upon which it moves, and you..the one, that is being..'provided for' by providing you with a job or work opportunity, within and as the business and corporation that exists within this world. you are part of that movement because, you system, to the world system by working for..businesses and corporations. and then you So it's the give and receive cycle of..the world system, through businesses and corporations.. for which you work, for which the elite are responsible . and this is how the elite.. generate money within the world system, which moves through..the banks. then you have the illuminati..the illuminatI generate 'money'.. through and for the banks, within and as the world system.. to being in power of and in charge of, the underground.. which is force,, war in itself and gangs as mobs. and various..other forms of groups, that specificly deal in..arms, and drugs. Yes. and through firearms, weapons..and drugs, being distributed through war and gangs, mobs..and security and police. generated, through and for the banks. and this is the elite and the illuminati's..function, within and as the world system.. as the primary..source of the generation, of banks..for and as the world system. which operate..the world system, within and as which you exist. Thank you very much. this is benazir.

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Jun 20, 2009

No more searching. Want to Know the Real Conspiracy? the Real Ruler - Elite in this World? and one of their puppets - Illuminati? it is Exposed in this video.

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