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Survival in the digital age - Episode 1

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Survival in the Digital Age Stories for Info-Activists about Digital Security by Tactical Tech This is a story of a little robot, who was once created by some mad scientists. They wanted to create a super smart device, that would help them watch the information created and shared by people who are using the Internet, mobile phones and other digital devices. Data Retrieved 100% What they did not know was that what seemed to them like a malfunctioning machine, a broken device, became an accidental hero. Technology is neither good nor bad. Things created for innocent purposes can be used for evil... and things created for evil purposes may be used to do good. In a world of new technologies, it’s important to know which technology you can trust. To survive in this digital world, we have to learn its ways. We will do it following ONO on his adventure, exploring our hidden world. We live in a world where communication connects us all. Information is everywhere. For all of us that can be good. It can also be bad. “When can I see you” “I know I know" “I will bring them when I come” “Oh! But what if someone finds us” “Don’t worry. Nobody will know” “I found out where they...” Keep an eye! But it is not only today’s communication that can now be overheard... Intercepted, tracked. At the touch of a button, we can go back in time to reveal secrets you thought were lost in history. If you're not careful nothing is secret in today’s world. “I have the file” “Let's get all the women to the march. We’ll take our protest to the palace” “Just don’t tell anybody where the money came from” “I think people have a right to know" Think about the information trail you might leave behind you. Delete all stored numbers. Delete your messages and saved information. Take out the SIM card. Make sure nobody can obtain information that they shouldn’t have. Make sure you are managing your devices, and that they are not managing you. Data Retrieved: None! Before you use technology, understand how it works. It’s not only your phone that can give your secrets away. In the modern world, we are never unconnected! You never know who is listening or what. Always remove information from the camera or other recorder after copying it to a computer, another device or location. Take the time to understand how your devices work. The digital world allows us to share information, more easily than ever before. But you have to protect yourself from sharing the wrong information So let's go through the basic rules again. Always password protect your devices. Change your password frequently and choose a password that nobody can guess. Keep only information that is essential. Don’t keep your call history, people’s real names or details of places. When you are not using a device, or at a meeting switch it off so you can’t be tracked. Remove memory cards before passing your mobile phone to other people, or throwing it away. If your device has no password, assume that someone has copied it or put new software on it. Make sure you always know what information your device stores: time stamps locations history. How many messages does it remember? Who else is in your photos? Taking pictures and storing numbers may compromise other people too. Remember that switching SIM cards alone does not make you anonymous. Phones have an identity of their own. You need to change phones and change SIM cards. The digital age is full of perils. But if you know what the risks are you can better control the data traces you leave behind. And don't forget, you don't have to face these challenges alone. There are people ready to help you tackle them.

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Duration: 6 minutes and 4 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: Tactical Tech
Director: Tactical Tech
Views: 1,888
Posted by: tacticaltech on Sep 1, 2010

Stories for Info-Activists about digital security

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