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Import your WordPress blog into Facebook

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If you'd like to let your friends know about your latest blog posts via Facebook, you can add them to your Notes stream. Head to Application Settings in Facebook, and then head to the Notes option and click on that. Once that's open, you should see this page, and over on the right here, you can see "Import a blog". Once you've clicked on that, it's just a matter of entering the URL (the web site address) of your blog. If you like you can also put the feed URL, but it's not necessary, so I'm just going to put in here my WordPress blog, and it will automatically detect where the feed is, to bring that content in. Then, I just need to click here to start importing. After a couple of moments, I'll now see all of my content for review to make sure that I've got the right content coming in to my Facebook account. So I'll just have a quick scroll through—it's going to list all of the posts— and then right down at the bottom I'll see this: it says "Confirm Import". So, I'll click on that and you'll now see that on my profile I've got my latest notes— my latest blog posts—all there, so I can click through to those; I also have the option, if I scroll down to see the different ones that have been posted; people can add comments, just like they could to any other Facebook content, they can click on "Like", or they can share it with other friends. That opens up a new dialog where they can add their own little note and then post that. Also, as the owner of the blog, I can remove any of the content that I don't want to be included in my Notes stream, just by clicking on the Remove tabs here. Clicking through to a blog post displays the blog post in full, so people can read it then and there within Facebook; it's also possible if you scroll down to view the original post, which will take them to my WordPress blog. So that's getting started with WordPress integration with your Facebook account.

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If you'd like to bring the content of your WordPress blog into your Facebook notes stream, this quick tutorial will show you how.

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