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Drillbit Taylor (2008)

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(narrator) Looking for a bodyguard? I work for the hardest gangsters in the world Key Lolo, Shenobe, Hey, I still work for TuPac even tho' he dead. I am in Israel military secret service. Oh damn! I'll go beat their ass, right here, right now... [glass shattering] (narrator) Look no further. I'm Drillbit Taylor As a bodyguard, I've protected 3 vice presidents, Bobby Brown, Sylvestor Stallone- Not quite as tough as he looks. Who do you guys need protection from? Just a high school bully. Help me! [laughter] Know what this is? It's a wing. And you're under it. All three of you, right there. That's very disturbing. Using my expertise at stealthy and covert ops, I'll infiltrate the school. Teacher's lounge is right over there. What do you teach? English. My native tongue. Now it isn't all Oriental martial arts - sometimes you give a little Mexican Judo, as in "jou don know who you're messin' with Holmes" We need to learn how to take a punch. Let me go first. 10 being the hardest, how hard do you want it? 5, in the back. [really screeching] Aaaaah! I get a kick out of these kids. You're really getting into this whole "teacher" thing here, huh? As long as you got a coffee cup in your hand, nobody says anything. [school bell rings] Hello, uh, fellow teacher. [car revving] Run! Stop hassling these kids. Ugh. [crunch] Aaah. Oooh. That doesn't work at all. Everyone's sick of your garbage, and it's going to end now. (narrator) From the guys who brought you knocked up [revving, screeching tires] [camera click] (narrator) and Superbad... Good morning sunshine. [screams from both] Since when did you start sleeping naked? I don't like elastic squeezing on my... That guy's my teacher. (narrator) Owen Wilson... I really like it here. You're doing a great job. Scram, scram, crotch-blocker. I've never met anyone as great as you. I'm really just always attracted to dirt bag bad guys. Sun bums, scums, lying pigs,... Stop it. You're starting to rant a little bit. (narrator) Drillbit Taylor... Remember what Drillbit taught us? Mind over pain. ugh! [Captions by]

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