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How to be a Portal 4

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Portal Support 4 - 18 March 2008 Hi this is Winged, continuing with the portal support interviews. I'll be discussing point for point, specific points, to assist and support yourself with, in assisting and supporting yourself in being a portal and experiencing you. First point is desire: the desire to be a portal. Understand that such a desire will prevent you of being a portal. Because in that you’re saying 'I’m desiring to be a portal' and what happens with desire is that you will not go into the practical application for and as yourself, to actually assist and support you in being a portal. So the desire will literally become like an entity within you that is literally preventing you from actually going through the practical application in assisting and supporting you, Self, in being a portal. There must exist nothing of the mind within and as you, you must be absolutely clear and realize that you're not doing this to be a portal or to become a portal, you are doing this for you yourself, you giving you access to yourself, that's what being a portal and the experience thereof really is, you giving complete and total access to you yourself… So specifically, SF on the desire of wanting to be a portal, the desire of wanting to become a portal. And then look at that desire also from the perspective of, does being a portal or would being a portal define you, who you are, who I am, If that point exists where being a portal... within being a portal, you'll see yourself as more than, or more special or better or superior but from within yourself more than who you are here in every moment of breath, also specific SF. So have a look at the entire experience of being a portal, and the specific pointa from that perspective is the desire to be a portal, the desire to want to become a portal... And then also in absolute self honesty look and see within yourself, would being a portal define who you are, or would it just be... it is, being a portal is a natural expression of and as self, it is not about being a portal, it is about who I am. Oké, dank je. CC English Desteni Productions©

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