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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~11:16:29 - 11:31:30

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-Where should we go? -To sweep the grounds behind the classroom. Thank you! Let's go. -Whose are these? -Aren't they Yudi's? Yes, Glade has the rest. Gladys, get me the good one. -Atu, yes? -Hurry up. -That one's finished. -You're waiting. They were still in the classroom. Here, this one's yours. -Here's your jacket. -Hey, isn't this cool? -Here. -Let's go. The calculator? I think Gladys has your calculator. Oh, some of these youngsters! Hey, we're trying to sweep here! Move away from there! Ukwi! They're just taking their time... -No. -Could you listen! Please move over, we're sweeping here. I think we'll just stop! -You're lagging behind. -Watch it! -Are you still lagging behind? -I think I'll start a fight! Atupele! Hey me too, Atupe... Robert, should we be afraid of him? Kodo, where are you? Right here where I'm standing. Is that it? Could you people please move from there! -And look at him. -Get him. Now we can't sweep properly. Hey, look! -Get him. -Get him good. Don't let them go! The filmmakers too. Get the filmmakers too! Don't let the filmmakers get away. -That's not cool. -Hey! -Shouldn't we get them too? They're people too, just like us. How are we supposed to sweep here then? -Oh, the dust! -Should we turn this way? -Where will you put them? -Hey you. The filmmakers are dressed nicely! Look at what those children are doing. Get away from there, what's your problem? Fackson, keep on working... I want to be filmed in the video. Yes, we all want to be in the video! They'll dream about it, we don't dream. -Hey buddy. -Get lost! These are fish you know. Should we turn here? Eliza, just turn there. -This way. -Where? -This way, guys. -Let's go this way, should we stop here? -Stop here! Well, I'm done sweeping. Who will sweep over there then? There are some who haven't even touched the broom. Who hasn't had a go? There's the broom, put it back in place. Edith, where are the rest of the books? Gladys! There she is! Gladys, do you have any of the books? Look at Edith go. Edith! How have you been sweeping with this? This is back breaking. -Hey, they say you'll dream about this. -Edith, you'll get nightmares. Shadreck, why are you behaving like you've never seen a white person before? Why are you looking away, you should look directly. You're being taped in the video. Rotten teeth. Look at those rotten teeth. -Who has rotten teeth? -Nobody wants you. -What are you saying about teeth? -What? What? Am I wrong? Well they were passing right behind me, what was I supposed to do? Hey, that's not true! We should put the brooms in one place. We can go now, right? They haven't said so, yet. I can see the others going back into the classroom. I didn't know that just standing here was a crime? -Give it back. -Let's go now. I just stood here like this... Hey Gladys, are you going? Shouldn't I? And look at this one here. -They're so big. -They're failing to walk. Oh my hair! Edith, get a grip on it! Hey, let me be! No, I'm just trying to remind you, remember the headmaster said we could play a game... Of course, yes... Yeah, yeah... This is Malawi! Eliza! Come here! -Are they knocking off? -Yes. Could we borrow a ball? Yes, we've been sweeping! We can go because we've swept. -Which class is that? 6? -Yes. -Can they go? - Yes, we're finished. -Did you finish over there? -Yes. -So you can go? -Yes. Well hurry up. You could've been doing other things. Should we play some netball so they can film you playing? They put it there, they're the ones who placed this here. Come and play along. You can leave the books there and play a little. Come, don't worry. When they come next time, they should bring a ball like this one. Go and play. We should pick teams, come on, let's pick teams! Lets play ball! Eliza, here, throw to me! 7th grade here! Everyone in 7th grade, come to this side! Do we have 5th grade? What about those in 8th grade who aren't cooking? If there are any 8th graders who aren't cooking? Please join in! Come on 8th graders, come and play. 7 per team? Yes, 7 per team. I'm standing here! Come on, I want 7 on each side. Come back here, I haven't said you should take your positions yet. -We should've just picked the teams! -Edith! Come here first... I would like to have 7 here and 7 there, then we can pick... Some here and others there. Tell the others, they didn't get it. -Come here. -Thoko! We already have 7 here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10... Ok, now I'll choose... Estelle, here. -We have 14. -No, not 14! There are more coming. Who else is coming? Yuti and Gertrude. -1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 right? First, make a straight line. Then go one after the other to either side. Come on, one straight line please. Come on girls, let's get on with it! And so, one here, one there and so on. No, stop right there. That was wrong, Ethel went to the wrong side. Ethel should go here and Gert over there. Does that make 7 now? It looks like there are 6 of you? Now let's get in position. Everyone in her position. Make sure there's enough space so you don't hit each other. Move. This here's the boundary. Anyone who crosses this line gets into the playground. Everyone in the team which will be casting into this basket, kneel on the ground. All those using this goal, must kneel. -Doreen. -They're teamed according to grades. Are they in teams? Yes, according to grades. Ok, so there's teams for 6th and 7th grade? Ok, begin! -Edith. -It's ours! Here, Edith, Edith! Eliza! Hey, over here... If there's one position I hate, it's this one. Move over there... Come on, let's go, we'll start playing soon. Oh gosh, I hate this position. Doreen!

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 25, 2008


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