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Okay, now it's good? Yep. Is that at a good height? Yeah. Thank you. Okay. "Pryvit. Mene zvaty Inna i ya z Ukrayiny." Hello, my name is Inna and I'm from Ukraine. I decided to be a volunteer with "His Hands Reader" because I want to make a change in the life of deaf and hard-of-hearing Ukrainians. There are 50 million deaf in the world, who cannot read and two percent of them live in my country. By dedicating a little bit of my time, I make a step towards education, literacy, and communication. How am I making a change for a deaf community in Ukraine with "His Hands Reader" project? There are three steps to make a change. The first step for me was to translate 1700 English words into Ukrainian Language. The second step is to pronounce these translated Ukrainian words and make a voice record of them. And the last step will be to sign words using Ukrainian sign language and make a video record of each as well. After completing all three steps a deaf child, for instance, can learn how to read because they will see the sign his/her own language. And his/her hearing parents, friends, or teachers can learn Ukrainian hand-signs as well. In order to be able to communicate with a deaf child. The result of my volunteering work will be a friendly use video dictionary application, which everybody can download on his electronic device from "His Hands Reader" website. So, do you want to make a change for a deaf community in your own country? Do you want to help deaf children and their families to hear, understand, communicate with each other? Then please register at join our team, become a volunteer, and make this world better for deaf communities in your own country. Thank you for watching.

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