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Jacque Fresco Lecture Part 6 - Penn State Greater Alleghen

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in front of 50 other laptops, they don't say, "We'll get you! If it isn't this week, or next week, or three weeks, we'll..." They don't care! Machines have no ambition. And Hollywood tells you, "The machines are going to take over." No machine ever says, "Gee, I'd like to run the lines of people." Machines don't have a gut reaction. They don't get hungry. They don't feel resentment. If you put one computer and paint it, the other doesn't say, "Why don't you paint me?" They don't get mad. Hollywood makes movies on the future where people use laser beams and they burn each other. This isn't the future! These are Hollywood hacks. Now, the book 1984, Brave New World, Atlas Shrugged... that's what you've got now. Okay? Now, look. Let me open this area here to some questions. I'm sure you all don't agree. So, don't be polite. The things you don't understand or you feel you disagree, please, raise your hand. Yes? And speak up, because I can't hear. In watching the movie and hearing the lecture, your description of the future sounds amazing. The thing that I don't understand is the transition from where we are now to get there. Especially when you speak about World War II, and all the money that we spent on the war could have built hospitals and slums. But, if you look at the Nazis not being taken out in World War II, then what would Europe look like? And, would that... - Is essentially your question: how do we get from here to there? - Right. - Is that essentially it? Okay. - Yes. - First of all, we have to have a crash. That's what makes people think. If they lose their jobs, lose their home... Other than that, they don't give a damn. As long as you're eating and paying your rent, it's okay. So, the system is crashing all over the world. The monetary system is going downhill. And it takes those conditions. If you don't understand that: it was the last Depression (I have to tell you this), When I was a kid, a lot of people made down-payments on automobiles, homes. And the banks failed. I think some of you may know this. How many of you know that? The banks failed, and they couldn't pay off their homes. And the banks said, "You've got three weeks, or you're out, unless you can make a payment." Well, they couldn't! So they were kicked out. And 15 million Americans were sleeping in every empty lot. And that looked wrong to me. Of course, a lot of you guys never saw that. I'm 93. So you'll know that what I'm talking about was in my time, maybe not your time. And I saw all these people sleeping in empty lots. Then, something new happened! About ten- to fifteen- or thirty-thousand veterans of marched on Washington. Veterans of World War I. They were promised six hundred dollars, when they got out of the army, to start life anew. But the government was not in a position then to give them that kind of money. So it gave them IOUs. And the veterans said, "I can't pay my rent with IOU! I can't buy food for my kids!" And they came with crutches and wheelchairs, and were sleeping all around the capital in Washington. And that looked very bad. So, they said, "Douglass MacArthur," who was a captain, "Get them out of here. It doesn't look good." So, he asked them to leave, and they didn't leave! They said, "No, we're not leaving until we get our pension you promised us." So, Douglass MacArthur ordered the troops to throw tear gas at the veterans. You can look it up in any... particularly The New American History. It isn't in our schoolbooks. A lot of stuff is taken out of books. And that is a lie to do things like that. The book A Hundred Million Guinea Pigs is a lie if you don't make it available to people. Books that are taken out of the library, because they don't feel you ought to know that, or would hurt the country... they don't like that at all. Yes? Alright. We get back now to the transition. The transition: there's a breakdown first. During the breakdown during the Depression, there were people up on soap boxes all over America, every empty lot. One group was Mankind United. Another group, their group was called The Church of God: and it was back to family values. Socialism, communism, Nazi-ism: all kinds of ideas during the Depression. That's what generated the transition. So, I was standing in front of a socialist. And I said, "When you get into power, how are you going to house the masses?" Well, he said, "Well, we'll work that out at the time." And, I said, "Well, do you have any blueprints now for it?" He said, "No." Then, I went over to another guy, who was talking about communism. He said, "Go away, sonny boy!" (Because there's a lot of older people there.) And, I said, "No, I want to hear what communism is from a communist." He says, "Why?" "Because, I don't believe what the democrats say about the republicans, or what the republicans say about the communists. I want to hear what the communist has to say." So, he said, "You can stay." So, when he got through, I said, "I want to ask you a thousand questions." He said to me, "You'll have to go to the YCL." I said, "What's that?" "Young Communists League." I said, "What are they?" "Well, here's and address." And I went there. And, there were little girls, ten years old, and boys up to about seventeen. And we were reading books like Crime and Punishment. Little kids reading deep books. And, I said, "Gee, these kids are very different than ordinary kids." So, after the meeting, I raised my hand, and I said, "How are you going to house the masses?" And they said, "Well, when that time comes, we'll work on it." And I said, "How are you going to prevent corruption in government?" They said, "We'll work on that when that time comes." I said, "Let's start a technical branch of the communist party: ways, of preventing corruption, and housing people." They said, "You're a deviationist!" I said, "What does that mean?" "You're deviating from the teachings of Karl Marx." And I said, "I'm trying to help!" I would help anybody, by the way. I don't care what country it is! And, they said, "You're deviating from the teachings of Marx. You'll have to leave." So, the vice president of the Young Communist League got out and said, "Let's hear him out!" And they kicked us both out. That was my experience with the communist party. I really did want to help any country. I would help any country. I don't care what the philosophy is—it's not working. So, I was interested. In the transition, there will be a lot of pain, a lot of suffering, because the old ideas are going to clash with the new ones. and...if enough people understands the Venus Project, look it up on the website:, look it up... there is all tons of questions, that thousand people ask, and we answer all those questions, and... its not elitist, its not technology, in charged people... Its a method, of social operation, that bring us up the best, in all humans beings, wherever that might be... Yes sir! Do you have a question up there?...Yes... It sounds like your plan really is a communist approach,

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Part 6 of Jacque Fresco's lecture at Penn State Allegheny on 4/16/09.

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