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'Third Person' Movie Trailer

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♪music♪ [Sony Picture Classics] [Anna] You should be writing about me. Are you? [Michael] I write what I know. And you know me? [Anna kisses Michael] [A writer's obsession] [Michael] It's supposed to be about a man who can only feel through the characters he creates, but he keeps trying to be something else. [Elaine] Is she there? [Michael] No. [One stranger's compassion] [little girl's voice off-screen] Hi Daddy! I miss you! [Scott] My daughter. Do you have kids? [Monica] Girl. I don't see her for two years. I'm sorry for staring. Very hard not to. [One woman's salvation] [Theresa] We just need to convince the judge that you're stable enough to get visitation again. [Rick] What do you want, Julia? [Julia] I need to be able to touch him. He is my son. [Rick] Give me your hand. [Boy says yuck. Both laugh.] Don't say that. This is Daddy's work. [One mystery brings them together] [off-screen child] Watch me. [whispering] [Rick] I need you to look at what you did. I need you to face what you can't face, and I need you to tell me the truth. [Monica] Will you help me? No questions. [Scott] Tell me. [Rick] Tell me that you did it. [Theresa] Do you know how long she talked about showing you how she could swim? She was always trying to get your attention. All you had to do was watch her, and you couldn't even do that. [Scott] I don't know how to forgive myself. [From the Academy Award Winning Co-writer and director of CRASH] [Elaine] Come home. [Michael] Please? >> [Anna] Begging? [gun barrel clicks] [Scott] Come with me. [Monica] Where? Anywhere. [Rick] I'm never going to let you see him again. [Julia] No! You said, [screaming] [Rick] Get out! [tiff.] [Tribeca Film Festival] [Elaine] You really don't feel a thing, do you? ♪ music ♪ You love love. It's people you don't have time for.

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Country: United States
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Posted by: aarp on Jun 17, 2014

Three interlocking love stories involving three couples in three cities: Rome, Paris, and New York.

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