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#EALdonewell - Graphic Organizers and Sentence Frames

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NCPA Teaching Methods: Graphic Organizers and Sentence Frames Students were given a graphic organizer that had Key terminology that we had previously reviewed. They had to review the chart first so they could make sure they were clear on all the terminology, and they made themselves a quick reference guide if they needed a reminder of what any of the terminology meant. Then we watched sections of the film in about 10-15 minute increments As we did that, they took notes into their graphic organizer. A graphic organizer is any sort of visual representation for students that helps them keep track of information. It gives them a way to help organize their thinking Which...the goal is for them to be able to do independently. Giving them a tool so they only have to focus on one new thing at a time - can be helpful. When we stopped the film, they compared with a neighbor to see whether somebody close to them had maybe noticed something that they hadn't, so they could add to their chart. As the temperature increased, there will be more carbon dioxide because more is trapped in the atmosphere. Then I asked them to orally explain how one row of their chart a rhetorical strategy, an example, and an effect went together with the aid of a sentence frame if need be. He mentioned a kid say that the graphs never fit together, but they're proportional, so as the temperature increases the CO2 level increases. A sentence frame is a sentence that the students fill with their own information. Sentence frames gives them support so that they can articulate their ideas more clearly. And after we had done that several times orally, I asked them to do the same thing in writing. So they were asked to explain one rhetorical technique using an example and the effect that it had and they turned in those written sentences to me so I could give them feedback and check for understanding. The strategies that we use for EAL learners are good strategies for all learners, and we are particularly mindful about making sure that we are providing scaffolds for students who are second language learners, but I think using graphic organizers you know, the research shows that that's a good strategy for all students. Even things like sentence frames I think we just use them in combination more perhaps when we're working with EAL students to better support them.

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#EALdonewell - Graphic Organizers and Sentence Frames

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