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Creature Comforts_The Sea 2_fill in the gaps

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I've got severe motion (1) __________. Oh! I mean, it... used to be pretty bad I used to puke (2) ___ _____ _______ but now it's a.... bit (3) _______________ And... er... and... this is... it's not a pleasant experience for me, personally. No I don't like (4) ___________ (5) _________ ________ They frighten me. I don't like being (6) ________ by anything bees, wasps, jellyfish... any of that stuff. Don't like it. No. There's nothing that scares me in the sea Only the obvious Floaty things that shouldn't really be there to be honest! I love the sea and I love (7) _________ in the sea I think the sea is reaAAAally scary, man It's a whole another universe in the sea, man The sea is like a big tank Um... all kinds of things. And the thing is... actually, when you are in the sea it's pretty interesting that thing when you... kind of dive into the sea and you get in there and you go out and you realize as a being the being that you are, the species that you are is... you... you know... you've suddenly fallen very rapidly down the food chain You're... you're no longer the dominant species You're suddenly (8) ______ I'm not afraid of any... of anything 'coz um...I gave up fear... but nothing scared me... er... at all until someone else told me I should (9) _____ ______ _____ the sharks I'm OK with sharks They've such a bad bad... erm... reputation Everybody hates them I don't know why They're quite nice Er... I just don't really like the idea of feeling like eating fish which is a bit dumb 'cause obviously they're there Erm... The bit that I really hate is... erm when you get... erm all of that... all that like...all that like... seaweed Yeah, I suppose that's what it is, seaweed that they kind of like catches round, you know that brown stuff like.. stuff erm... erm...tagliatelle But it's... erm... that kind of like and wraps itself round. That's when I get a bit freak... freaked out and I kind of think I'd rather be in a swimming (10) ____

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Posted by: ecuenca on Mar 26, 2011

This is the same video I uploaded before but this time with gaps for the students to fill them in.

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