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Divine secrets revealed by Imam Mahdi Gohar Shahi during a speech in Karachi 3/7

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In the morning they announce a woman cannot be a ruler, in the evening they say she can be. People asked him "Mr. Scholar why you have two opinions?" He replied, "This is politics". People said that politics is not for pious people, upon which they quoted Allama Iqbal ‘if we separate religion from politics only cruelty will left’. Though Allama’s said this for politicians that if they abandon religion then they will be nothing more than Chengiz Khan, but the religio-politicians twisted the meaning of the verse for their politics. Such scholars involved people in politics for five, six years. If they attained the seat/power, it is for Mr.Scholar. Those who struggled with him for five, six years what is for them? Rather than this if they (followers) would have chanted Allah Allah for five six years! Saint Sultan Bahoo said that “I never attended any religious seminary”. “I only took first word of the Quran ALIF, and started chanting Alif for Allah Allah. And by chanting Allah Allah my chest became enlightened When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saw my enlightened chest, He (PBUH) embraced His chest with mine, and all the knowledge transferred into my chest automatically.” They may have got some reward of chanting Allah Allah in those five six years. Now, (after few years) the followers said to the leader that we also joined your organization; we also offered prayers, did politics too but still we have not found Allah? Then that Worldly Scholar asked them to wage jihad now. His followers asked what is jihad? The Worldly Scholar said, that sect consider Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) a human being and the other sect consider Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Noor. Go you kill them, they will kill you this is jihad. Now this sectarianism is product of such Worldly Scholars. Government tries to overcome sectarianism but how it can come to an end? Those organizations have also been created and the Nafs (self) of such Worldly Scholars is infidel within them. Then how can they unite people? Yes, they can only be united for the sake of government & power, but can never be one for sake of Allah. Outwardly with tongues they can be united but with heart they can never be united. Such people require a ruler like Amir Al-momineen Hazart Ali who sentenced 5,000 such fake scholars to death and sent remaining to accompany Hazart Hassan Basri, so that they can learn knowledge for Hazart Hassan Basri, and their nafs/self may get purify. After purification of their Nafs/self they were able to wear headdress, gowns. Only after self purification they were able to be called as successors of the Prophet and they lead prayers. There are two ways through which Nafs (self) can be purified Either like Data Sahib and Khawaja Sahib went into jungles, other saints also went into jungles. When their Nafs/Self got purified, then they returned into the world and then they benefited people. Since people in this age cannot do this. Either stays in a company and guidance of a saint in this way Nafs (self) can also be purified. Just like Baha Ud-Din Naqash Bandi lived in the company of Amir Kalal and Maulana Rome served Shah Shams. Due to serving their masters when their Nafs/Self got purified, then they became great Saint. Then Maulana Rome said: “A Maulvi can never be Maulana Rome unless he becomes a servant of a Shams Tabraiz" We don’t have any enmity with anyone, those who are Divine Scholars, on the right path and have Noor in their hearts we are like servant to them. But we are waging jihad against those who does not have Noor within them & are having Satan within them. Even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said about them: "Be aware of ignorant scholar”; Companions (RA) asked “a Scholar and Ignorant, too, simultaneously”? Prophet PBUH answered “whose tongue is scholar and the heart is dark means ignorant”. If you go near them they will indulge you in sects. Now let’s talk about Mehdi (AS). There is an 80 years old saint named Shaikh Nazim in London. He converted 10,000 Americans into Muslims and also converted lot of Europeans into Muslims. He is well versed in Darood, Wazaif and knowledge of Istikhara. Sheikh Nazim announced that according to my knowledge Mahdi (A.S) will appear in a year or two but these worldly scholars will strongly oppose Him (Mehdi a.s). And he also said that Mahdi A.S wouldn’t announce that “I am Mahdi”, people themselves will recognize Him. Now, Dr. Israr Ahmed also said that in light of Hadith and other books, it is evident that Mahdi A.S is about to appear. They say that Imam Mehdi will appear soon but we say that He has already appeared. We sat that Imam Mahdi has already appeared, all the saints have been informed about Imam Mehdi His face has been shown to them that this is your Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi is a leader of a religious organization in Pakistan. Saints have been told all the Saints are aware. Now Allah is doing such works for Him so that everyone will have to accept Imam Mehdi. Now since Imam Mehdi has arrived, it is required to accompany Him also, then who will accompany Him? Who will recognize Him? Those, who will be having Noor (light of God) in their hearts, once Noor will appear infront of Noor it will succumbed to Him, since Noor has proportion with Noor. When within your hearts Allah Allah will start, then your hearts will be able to generate Noor (light of God). While then you will go infront of Imam Mehdi A.S then your Noor will converge with Noor. Though there are many secrets but we will uncover few of them. One who contains Noor is Momin, after this starts Walaiyat (Sainthood). What is Walaiyat? You would have noticed while sleeping at night, in the state of dream you wander in some city. It’s not you but it is a creature which is within you. That is your Nafs (self), it is powerful because of its nourishment of satanic food since childhood. You sleep and it wonders in satanic gatherings. Rest of the creatures when they get nourished by Noor, they get strength by nourishment of Noor. And then they also begin to come out of the chest. That Satan (Nafs) goes in satanic gatherings. When other souls become enlighten and goes out, then these goes into the gatherings of enlightened. First of all then these enlightened souls goes straight to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and bow in front of Him PBUH.

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Posted by: theallfaith on May 20, 2010 This speech is a must watch for the seeker of truth.

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