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HTML 5 Smart Players (rev. 1)

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Hi, I'm Karen Guardino, an Account Manager at Brightcove. Today I want to tell you about our new Smart Players that allow you to easily publish video on desktop computers and mobile devices. The consumption of video content on mobile devices is expected to surpass that of desktop devices in the next few years. Every publisher wants to make sure their videos can be accessed by site visitors using mobile devices. Delivering video on the mobile web is a challenging technical problem. Not all mobile devices support Flash player, such as the iPad. Brightcove is working hard to eliminate this complexity for our publishers and make sure you can serve videos to your whole audience on both desktop and mobile devices. Thanks to Brightcove's Smart Players, you can just continue to publish your videos as you always have. The following are smart players that exist today Video Player Chromeless Video Player and the Video Player with Logo The best part is that you won't even have to create new players. Just opt in for HTML 5 delivery, and your existing players of these three types will become smart players automatically, along with any new players you create later. With Brightcove's HTML 5 early access release program, our smart players will deliver your video in Flash or HTML5, depending on your viewer's device capabilities. This enables you to use a single Brightcove player that can deliver video in Flash or HTML 5, so you don't have to create and manage separate players for each viewer environment, and your existing players can automatically load in Flash or HTML 5 mode without any custom work or additional JavaScript on your part. For more information on restrictions and how-to, visit

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Posted by: brightcove_marketing on Aug 20, 2010

HTML 5 Smart Players video with re-chunked subtitles

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