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Michal Berg - Welcome to the month of Virgo. If you want to get something done, and done well, ask a Virgo. Thorough, detail-oriented, hard-working, these are a Virgo's calling card. Two other words Virgo's are intimately familiar, reliability, responsibility. It is a point of honor to complete every task. Seeking perfection in everything they do, they dislike unfinished business. Without being asked, they will see to it that everything is organized, down to the smallest detail. It is no coincidence this month precedes Rosh Hashanah. The Virgo's eye for detail was given for the sole purpose of cleansing every negative spot we have within ourselves just before the New Year. However, often the precision can be a burden. Concentration on details can prevent a Virgo from grasping the bigger picture. Their perception of the world is reduced to a single grain of sand, when there is actually vast shoreline to be seen. A Virgo's correction has to do with restriction. Poised to criticize or pass judgement, they must ask themselves, "Do I see the whole picture, is there something that I have missed?" Spiritual work and letting go allows a Virgo to escape the shortsightedness of details, to perceive the larger totality, the bigger picture. To reveal more about the powerful nature of Virgo, Michael Berg. clean slate Virgo New Moon with Michael Berg New Moon with Michael Berg Virgo Chodesh Tov. We are about to enter into a new month, a very exciting month. This month is called by the kabbalists, the month of Elul, the month of Betulah, the month of Virgo. And we know that every month has its unique properties, its unique gifts, its unique powers. And this month, as the kabbalists explain, is a month in which we can achieve restoration. We can go back and both cleanse any negative energy that we have created; any dark energy we have created, brought into our own lives or the lives of others, and we also have the ability to restore ourselves completely. As the Rav explains, this idea is understood from even the name of this month. HaRav: Says the Zohar, Rav Isaac Luria as well, what does Betulah indicate? A restoring, because the influence and the possibilities that present themselves in Betulah, do not present themselves in any other month. Not because it precedes, maybe there was another reason why it precedes, but not because it precedes Rosh Hashanah. It stands by within itself as a unique month. The idea of Teshuvah, or as it is commonly translated, repentance, is not in the way it is usually understood. It is not to be forgiven for something that I have done, rather it has to include the power, the ability to completely remove that energy, that negative energy that I have created. If I simply say to somebody, "I'm sorry, please forgive me", that does not accomplish, truly, anything. The kabbalists always teach that we have to go to the root, that we have the ability to go to the root. So when we speak about the power of this month, we speak about Teshuvah, we have to understand that the purpose is to cleanse that negative energy that I have created. And that means not only to ask forgiveness, more importantly, the ability and the responsibility to remove that negative energy that we have created; to remove that darkness that we have created. Elul is known as the month of Teshuvah, Repentance. What does Teshuvah mean - repentance? You say, "I am sorry". And I am sure many of you have heard that if someone walks by, and my foot accidentally happens to protrude out in the path of this individual and he steps on my toe, and he says, "I am sorry, please forgive me", and I say, "You are not forgiven". Well, how cruel can I be? All the man is asking is for forgiveness. Can I be that difficult not to say, "You are forgiven". Why not? Because simple human logic dictates that it is wonderful that you are asking for forgiveness. But now do me a favor; take away the pain. The fact that you say you are sorry, how does that help me? You mean, you are looking to relieve your conscience? What has that to do with me? Why are you asking me to forgive you? And, therefore, the idea of repentance as is understood by religion or by religionists has no way any connection with the idea of when I come into the synagogue on Rosh Hashanah or Yom Kippur and I say, "God, forgive me". Now that I clap, knock my heart a little, now all the evil, all the evil that I made manifest in this universe can be wiped out in one moment. Can you imagine? In one moment! I just say I am sorry and everything is forgiven. It defies human logic, and according to the Zohar that is not the meaning of repentance. Then what does it mean? "Return", "Return the Hei". Now in Kabbalah we know what the Hei means. The final Hei means that our desires to receive, our greed, our negativity has to be transformed, has to be converted into another form of energy. The unique gift of this month is that there is a support system. A support system that enables us, every single one of us who taps into the energy of this month, to cleanse ourselves. It is not only up to us. We have the support system of the entire universe, truly, to enable us and assist us in creating this cleansing, in enabling us to truly remove any darkness that we have created. This month, the month of Betulah, the month of Virgo a completeness, a restoration, meaning that if I have wronged somebody, as we have learned, according to the Zohar, Teshuvah, we can go back to the future. It is not Hollywood. It is the Zohar. To go back to the future, what do you mean you go back to the future? That if we can travel back and restore all of the results of our activities in the past; I stepped on someone's leg, that pain will be removed because I can go back in time and restore. Maybe this idea does not fit with everyone's physical, known consciousness. How do you go back in time for the future? But it has been explained and I have written on it, and so while physicists still grope with that problem, they know that we can go back in time. And to go back in time, well if someone is 120 years old wouldn't it be wonderful if they could go back now to be age 18? Who would not want that? What happens if someone lost a leg? Now you can go back in time. It goes back to the period before he lost the leg. If we can all go back in time, then we can straighten out the future. Then everything that follows from that going back the future becomes brighter. Says the Zohar: This month of Elul, which is the month of Teshuvah, does not mean repentance, does not mean I am sorry. It means that we have a supportive system created by God and necessary to be one month before Rosh Hashanah. That this force, if we are conscious, and if we believe that we can travel back in time, that we can restore a new future. So, the next obvious question is, how do we connect to this amazing gift in this month? If we can go back to being proactive, rather than reactive, and what does that mean? Most of us, our consciousness lies in what frame of reference? Reactive. A proactive individual is as the Creator. Nothing has dominion over the Creator, that is why He is called the Creator. He is the Source, the Origin. We are given this month, the opportunity, to become proactive and what does that mean? Did the Creator create a world with flaws? No. That is the first kabbalistic axiom. If within the Creator there is only good, then where from whence can evil come, and therefore, we have difficulties but we finally come to a realization that evil, negativity did not originate with the Creator. Because negativity, chaos is lack, and within the Creator there was no lack. We can move back into a position of completeness, meaning that if I conduct myself in a negative way, and therefore I created chaos in the world, I have already created chaos. And now I say I am sorry? Never, never is the idea of "I am sorry" going to wipe out the chaos that I have already created and manifested in this universe. What I can do, is if I can go back in time to come to that complete position, that where I stepped on someone's toe, I restore, I remove the pain. In this month, more than any other month, focus on being proactive. The reason why it is important to be proactive is because that is what connects us to being like the Creator. And if we want to draw upon the support system, the gift of this month that enables us to cleanse completely, we have to be proactive to be like the Creator, and by doing so draw that amazing energy and gift of this month, the month of cleansing. What change, if any, has taken place over the past 2,000 years? None. It is a fact that every generation is a rerun of the same movie. Nothing has taken place. Nothing has changed. Whether in the prior incarnation, or a present incarnation we have not restored the flaws that we ourselves have created. So we may be coming back generation after generation after generation and incarnation after incarnation with the same flaws. And never understanding how we can remove the defect, because as long as you do not remove the defect you have not restored civilization to where it was prior to your negative activity. And so long as we do not restore, we cannot ask for forgiveness because the flaw, the defect, the chaos still continues. The fact that we say we are sorry is Satan. He gave us the word "we are sorry", {.....Hebrew.....}, "forgive me". And with that we believe that is what it meant. But we know {.....Hebrew.....} means, or adds up and has a numerical value of 98. 98 is {.....Hebrew.....} Do you want forgiveness? You have got to cleanse everything you have done. It is not enough to say "forgive me", that is not the meaning of {.....Hebrew.....} or {.....Hebrew.....}. On the contrary. The word is providing us with a message. You want forgiveness? You cannot get it by asking for it. What you can do is {.....Hebrew.....} You must become a creator, just like the Creator. Firstly, the Creator, whatever is being created is created without a flaw. "Well, how can I do something like that?" If I act like the Creator, if I act in greed, I act as a negative individual, never, no matter how many times you beg for forgiveness, never will you be forgiven by virtue of asking for forgiveness. It requires a cleansing of negative consciousness, negative activity; but one more aspect, you have got to return back to the future. You have got to return back before the flaw began, because if you do not go back to the future, the chaos that you have brought upon mankind or an individual, if it remains, that defect is yours and you cannot come in ask, "Please forgive me", when that flaw, that chaos that you created continues to fester, manifest and create misery for others that you were the origin and cause of. Why hasn't humanity changed? Many times throughout history both people together and individuals have tried to change, and the Rav points to probably one of the most significant ideas in Kabbalah - that the difference between this system and any other system is that it is about change. It is not about covering up darkness, covering up negativity, covering up mistakes, covering up our own flaws; it is at its core, and this is a tremendously important lesson about change: if we do not change, if we simply act different but remain, by our nature, in our core, the same as we were, we will not be able to truly accomplish what we came to this world to accomplish. And in a global sense if the world does not change, we will not be able to achieve the lasting fulfillment, the end of pain and suffering that we are meant to achieve. So the keyword in this month, but truly for all the year, is change; to be careful not to simply be acting different but to make sure that we are, in our nature, at our core, changing. We need to change so completely that we actually become like the Creator. It says we are a part of God. What do you mean we are a part of God? Rav Ashlag, in his 'Talmud Esser HaSefirot' asks, "What do you mean we are a part of God?" Is that a loosely stated meaning somewhere that we are a part of God? Yes, we are a part of God. And on the basis that we are a part of God, meaning we have the same creative powers. Not to create God, but to be a created being. But from that point on, if we emulate the characteristics of God, we are then a proactive individual, a creative individual, not a reactive individual. And, therefore, this is the month, Elul, that we have this opportunity to become proactive people, because if we are not proactive people going into Rosh Hashanah and asking for forgiveness - shall I recommend you might as well stay home and if you enjoy golf, go play golf. Maybe I should go that far. Maybe we need some meaning into what we are doing rather than robotically, for 2,000 years, continue in the same path. So the Rav reiterates, again, and this is something that we must focus on in this month; that the only way that we can partake of the cleansing and restoration energy in this month is by truly focusing on change. Again, not covering up negativity, not asking forgiveness, but truly taking the time to look internally and decide and realize, "Am I changing, am I becoming a different person?" Not, "Am I acting in a different way?" And therefore it is essential that we cleanse ourselves, meaning we accept a consciousness of creator. But that comes with responsibility. To cleanse, to assume that we want to change our internal nature; if it is one of greed, we have got to change it, because our life depends on it. Because when Rosh Hashanah comes around and if the past still haunts us, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur will effect no change whatsoever as we have seen in past history. So what the Rav has made clear this month can give us the gift of restoration, can give us the gift and the ability to completely cleanse ourselves of any negativity that we have created, and that we have brought into our lives. We know that once we create negativity it is with us forever, until we cleanse it, until we remove it. And we have the ability in this month to do that, to cleanse negativity that has been with us for years and years. But the only way to accomplish that, the only way to partake of the gift of this month is if we change. Rav Ashlag said that out of a thousand people who begin their spiritual process, usually only one in a thousand complete the journey. Because too often, and this is true certainly of people in the Centre as well, we become involved with actions, we become involved and tell ourselves, "Well, I am doing this or I am doing that and it is okay, and I am okay". What the Rav makes very clear about this month, for sure, is that it is not about actions that we do, it is most importantly about true internal change. And the question that we have to ask ourselves in this month is, "Am I different internally, to my core, than I was a month ago or a year ago?" Not to look at the actions that I am doing differently and say, "Well, I must be different if I am acting differently". No. I have to make sure that I am becoming a different person; I am becoming more of a sharing person, more of a person who, at my core, desires to share rather than I desire to receive, rather than I desire to live based upon my ego. That is the single, most important question that we have to ask ourselves this month: "Am I changing, am I a different person at my core?" And the difference between that and simply acting differently is enormous. Virgo indicates restoration, that this year we can walk into Rosh Hashanah and say, "God, I have done what I had to do in this month. I have removed all my flaws, because I have gone back in time". And because of that we shall all be {.....Hebrew.....}, we shall all merit Shana Tova, amen. The vast preparation for Rosh Hashanah is to look within and find what you need to change to create a reality for yourself filled with happiness and prosperity for the coming year. Use the laser light focus of a Virgo to examine your negative actions and the people that you may have hurt during this past year. Ask yourself, "How was I wrong?" By understanding the cause of your missteps the greater your ability to eliminate any unpleasant effects in the New Year. For more information about New Moon please call 1 800 KABBALAH [email protected]

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michael_berg_new_moon_virgo_2007_production_20110901_eng - 4 Translation(s) Dotsub

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