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How to make a bunny cake

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[♪♪] [howdini - get yourself a guru] If you're planning a springtime party or family gathering, a bunny cake is just the thing to brighten up the table and make the kids' eyes light up. I'm Laurie Gelman with, and this is Liv Hansen for Betty Crocker Kitchens. And have we got a bunny for you! Or should I say bunnies? >>Yep. We're going to do two of them. Fantastic! >>One for you, one for me. >>All right. Let's hop to it! Okay. So we start with an 8-inch round cake, and we're just going to cut it in half. You do yours. >>All right. >>Right down the middle. Great. >>Serrated knife, I see. Okay. Now we're going to arrange them on these plates that we have. Oh, I love that you do this. You just take wrapping paper and put it over cardboard. I'm Bunny One. Are you Bunny Two? I'm just checking. [both chuckle] Okay. Bunny Two. Here we go. Okay. So I'll show you how we do it. We're going to arrange one here. They stand up on their flat edge. And I'm going to give you purple. Do you do them flat back to flat back? >>Yes. Okay, so they're chubby on the outside. >>Mm-hmm. So take a little frosting and spread it on one of the cut edges. >>Okay. And this will stick them together and it will give it a filling. What we can also do is put a little bit underneath, and that will prevent it from sliding around when you're actually frosting it. That's a great idea. >>Then we're just going to take a big spoonful on top. This is when you just start spreading it all over. You want to cover the entire cake. Let me move a little closer to you so I can see what's going on. These are gorgeous frosting colors. Can you buy them like this? You can tint them yourself. You can just get food coloring from the grocery store and just add it drop by drop until you have the desired color. These are nice and springy, though. For the bunny, you don't actually want it to be smooth. You kind of want to make it look like it's fur, so you can give it a little texture, which is definitely great for the novice or beginner. You don't have to worry so much. So you can just move the spatula around randomly. >>Okay. Okay, so now we can do the decorations with the candy. >>Oh, great. Okay. I start with a nose. Choose any color. I like the pastel colors for this just because it's springy. Springtime makes it look good. I'm going to do yellow. And then you can use pull-apart licorice, but these little rainbow candies are great fun. You just have to cut them down the lines and then cut them into about 2-inch strips. Oh, okay. They don't pull apart. You have to do it yourself. >>You have to actually cut them. And then you just tuck them into the nose there. >>How cute. How many whiskers? >>I do four on each side, but that doesn't matter. Okay. Find some fun colors in there. >>What else does a bunny need? A bunny needs ears. >>It definitely needs ears and eyes. Let's do the eyes first because that's with the candy here. >>Okay. You can just take mini marshmallows and cut them in half, and then just kind of mush them a little bit to get them a little wider. >>Okay. And you can stick them on right above the nose. And then you can just take actually cut in half jelly beans for the eyes. So take a little frosting and just-- >>To make it an adhesive. Yeah, and just put it right on there and then stick it right on it. These would be so easy for kids to do, too. >>Yes. >>It's fantastic. What a great afternoon project. And then we can do the ears. And a really easy way to do it so you don't have to worry about candies or anything is just cut out construction paper into teardrop shapes. So we'll do tone on tone. I'll do pink ears, and why don't you do purple ears. >>Okay. And what I recommend is you just take it and at the one end just fold it just a little bit and that'll reinforce it. >>Gotcha. And then you can stick it right in. Push it in about half an inch, maybe up to an inch, if necessary. And it should just hold up on its own. >>Cute! So cute. I like yours. They're a little wider. Mine are a little closer together. >>Offset. Just a couple more touches. I like to make it a little goofy and put in little white gum for the teeth, little buckteeth. For teeth. [laughing] And what about for the tail? >>A big marshmallow. Oh, right on. >>Just plop it right on there. And there you are. I love these cakes! I'm so proud of us. It's amazing. And what I love the most is that kids can actually help you--really help you-- and use their own imagination with the decorating. Yeah. If they're old enough, they can frost and decorate the entire thing. Or if they're a little younger, they can just choose their favorite candies and apply them. Yeah. You know what I love most, Bunny Two? >>What, Bunny One? We have so many cakes here. This is fantastic. One box, two cakes. Fantastic. Thank you very much. >>Thank you. >>Always a pleasure. You're going to find a lot more great ideas to make all your occasions more special on [howdini -] [chimes jingling] []

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These bunny cakes come in pairs—one cake mix makes two bunnies. So you get two chances to be creative with your frosting color and decorations. Professional baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens will show how easy it is. So hop to it. (You didn’t think we’d resist an easy pun, did you?)

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