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Vellingiri Mountains the Kailash of the South. Sadhguru

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This Velliangiri mountain is generally known in India as the Kailash of the South because this has been witness to countless number of sages and seers and siddhas living in these mountains and if we go up it is known as the seventh hill because you have to go through seven undulations before we can get the peak It's an extremely powerful place which has been consecrated in a certain way by yogis in the past and this is particularly very sacred to us because this is the space where my Guru walked and chose to shed his body in the mountains and these are ...these are the kind of men that God would be envious of them....that's how they lived They lived with such tremendous power and capacity But most of the time they didn't really communicate with the world outside because their lives were such that they were not really equipped to transact with the outside world too much so as a contribution, their contribution to the world always the yogis...sort of download all their knowing into some spaces....there are many sacred spaces like that in the mountains which are still undisturbed for hundreds of years still they remain like that For us, the mountain is like a temple we walk gently upon it in a certain way Nature wise it's beautiful but if you're willing, you can just simply be here it's a very very powerful situation The southern mysticism took on a completely different kind of turn Nowhere else in the world you will find this type of mysticism which is uniquely different from what you will find anywhere else and it produced countless number of very powerful human beings who, in terms of society they lives very restricted lives but in these mountains they were, they arranged these mountains and were very active here which in many ways became the reason why we chose to come here of all the places because I don't belong to Tamil Nadu I came in search of this mess I'm from another part in the country

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 Sadhguru explains the significance of the Vellingiri Mountains, known in India as the "Kailash of the South". Home to countless sages and siddhas, an extremely powerful place consecrated by yogis. (A024)

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