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UKIP Nigel Farage on The Czech Presidency - July 15, 2009

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European Parliament Strasbourg 15 July 2009 It is the end of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council and Czech PM Jan Fisher has made his presentation on the 18-19 June summit Czech presidency has followed a depressingly familiar pattern. Continuity more of the same - the continuing obsession with climate change and the continuing drive to have new legislation. You said that under this presidency legislation in 18 new areas has been worked on and you seem to be proud of that. I thought it is about time we take a couple steps back. And said, what we have got in the EU, is an overregulated model, that is serving us very badly during the depths of the recession. And yet more status quo. You supported the idea of shooing-in Mr. Barosso, without there being any sort of proper contest. But it is on the Lisbon Treaty that I was most interested. You ratified the treaty through your own parliamentary chambers without of course the thought of giving the people of your own country a referendum to express their opinion. But it is when it comes to Ireland that I really get interested, because you said that you wanted that to be a credible policy for Ireland with their second referendum. and so you produce these guaranties and here they are guaranties on the right to life on taxation on security and defense This document has no legal force whatsoever It is not worth the paper that it is written on. You are the author of a disgraceful attempt to calm the Irish into voting for the Lisabon Treaty in their forthcoming referendum. Of course you've been supported by Mr. Barosso on that. He doesn't ever respect the result of democratic referendums. whether they are in France, Netherlands or Ireland. He says we must ignore them. We must continue. It is all about power. It is all about him and the EU institutions getting more power at the expense of the member states. I hope the Irish tell you all, where to go in the second referendum on October the second and they just might. However, however, however I don't wish to be mean spirited, because there was one wonderful, bright, uplifting moment during the Czech presidency. A moment when all of us that believe in nation states, that belive in democracy, that believe genuinly in the rule of law, could come into this chamber and feel for the first time in my experience, proud of that fact that we are part of this European Parliament And I am of course referring to the visit of Vaclav Klaus. What a wonderful speech that was, coming into this chamber and telling a few whole trues and pointing out, that European parliamentarians and leaders are not listening to the peoples of Europe at which two hundred of you got up and walked out of the room. So for at least Vaclav Klaus we thank you very much for the last six months. Thank you very much Mr. Farage... José Manuel Barosso, President of the EU Commission I would like just to put the question: "Is it allowed - I am not criticising this - is it allowed to have the flags in our... " Because if it is allowed I just want to put also the European flag here today to defend myself. You chose the Europe you want to live in

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European Parliament, Strasbourg - 15 July 2009.

It is the end of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council and Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer is making his final address to the European Parliament.

Nigel Farage MEP, UKIP leader and co-president of the 'Europe of Freedom and Democracy' group addresses the house.

After Farage's intervention EU Commission president Barroso asks whether flags are allowed in the house, referring to Farage's small UK flag, and places an EU flag in front of him.

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