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Dragonball Kai episode 1 part 2/3 HD

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Just a little bit more now... What was that just now!? A Meteor!? A UFO!? W-who are you? Ah, that's no Meteor! What in tarnation is it? W-who are you? Your Power level is a mere 5, huh? What a pathetic piece of trash. D-dont come any closer! Or I-i'll kill you! Hmph. What fragile peopel. Theres somebody around with great power. Range:4880 KAKAROTT!! W-what kind of power is this? It couldn't be possible. Son Goku!? No, its not! You'r not Kakarott. Who are you? Do you have some kind of buisness with me? I don't have any business with the likes of you. Then what have you come here for? Do you want to die? you sure are in high hopes. OO, power level of 322. So there are powerful folk like you around, huh? However, you are still no match for me. What did you say!? Do you know who your talking to? Not really. What is the deal with this guy's power? That as a worthless technique, huh? Is kicking up dust all it can do? No its my turn let me show you a sample of my technique. There's another great power near here. That way. Range:12909. It's large... The largest power on this planet... This time for sure it's Kakarott T-this is rediculous. I-i was shaking so much i couldn't move. Good Afternoon! It's been so long. Bulma! You said to come visit you so i came. Wow, it's been a long time. This house hasn't changed at all has it? You sure have been cold to us, huh? Unless someone tells you to come you over, you never come, after all. Here I brought some manju buns as a present. You didn't have to go through all that trouble. If you'd just let me touch your boobs a little bit, I'd- You just don't appreciate my gags, the same as always. your just a lecherous jerk the same as always! By the way bulma, what's happening with Yamucha? Yamucha? that idiot? How should i know about that guy? I'm so mad at him, I didn't tell him that everyone was getting together here today. let's have a blast without him being here! You guy's sure do fight alot. They sure do. So then, wheres lunch-san? She went out somewhere, chasing after Tenshinhan, five years ago. The position of this power is moving at considerable speed. There! Master Roshi's House.! Goku! huh, whats up with the boy? Have you taken up a job of babysitting, Goku? He's My son.

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Posted by: drzmk5 on Apr 11, 2009

Dragonball Kai episode 1 part 2/3 HD

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