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The new and improved widget system on makes adding and managing the content of your sidebars easier than ever. When you head to the Appearance » Widgets menu, you'll notice that everything now looks and feels like the rest of the updated WordPress interface. That means the space you have can be used more effectively, and it's easier to tailor it to your needs. However many sidebars you have, you'll now see that they're all stacked up over here on the right, and you can open and close them down to free up space as you need it. The same goes for the windows over on the left here also, which will also resize according to the size of your browser window. One of the things you asked for was the ability to save the details of your widgets even when you change themes, and now you can, thanks to the Inactive Widgets pane just down here. If you change to a theme with its own default set of widgets or a different layout, your previous selections will all be stored down here in the Inactive Widgets panel. You can also use the panel to save items you might want to temporarily save for later use. Also, if you decide you'd like to set up a widget but not activate it right away, you can drag it directly down to the Inactive Widgets pane, and start adding your details. That means that later on, when you decide that you do want to use it, you can drag it straight into your sidebar, and it'll be ready to go. So if I wanted to set up a Pages widget, but didn't quite have the pages ready, I could come back some time later, and then drag them up to the sidebar, and all of the details are there—ready to go. Of course, I can also drag widgets across from one sidebar to another. All of the changes remain intact. Saving of the layout has now been completely automated, so as long as I save a particular widget's details, I don't need to make any more saves. And as it's possible to use multiple instances of the same widget, I can now see my own title next to the title of the widget type. So that's the new-look widget system for making it even easier to manage the content of your sidebars.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 10 seconds
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Posted by: wordpresstv on Jul 25, 2009

This short video introduces you to adding and managing widgets on your blog.

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