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Tutorial 2

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The Camtasia Recorder allows you to record anything on your computer screen which you can then use to create a great looking video. There are numerous ways to open the Camtasia Recorder, and one of the quickest ways is to click the “Record the Screen” button located here on the Welcome screen of Camtasia Studio. The first time the Recorder is launched, it will default to full screen. Recording full screen is a great way to capture everything on your monitor and then use the SmartFocus feature during editing to zoom in on the important details throughout your recording. We’ll talk more about SmartFocus during the Edit tutorial. If you don’t want a full screen recording, click Custom and then the Select button to choose an area or window to record. I’ll hover over the title bar of this browser window… notice how the entire window is highlighted. Now I just have to click to select it. Clicking this arrow gives me a menu of preset dimensions. These are the recommended dimensions when working in Camtasia Studio, as they will help me achieve consistent and great looking results. With Lock to Application selected, I’m going to click on the preset size 640x480 since I know that this is the size of my video that I want to produce to. As a result, the browser and recording area are resized together. Notice how a portion of the map gets cut off. Now I can click here to lock the aspect ratio of the width and height, and then resize my recording window until all of the map is visible again. The aspect ratio of my recording area will stay intact so when I produce my final video at 640x480, it will give me great results. If I have a web camera connected to my computer, I can click this camera button and include additional camera video as a picture- in-picture clip. I can also record audio and as you can see it is enabled by default. Clicking this arrow will allow me to select a recording device, for example my microphone, that I have connected to my computer. I’ll then speak into the microphone to check the volume level of my voice, and adjust it using this slider bar. There are additional effects and options available from the menu bar, but we will cover these features in another tutorial. To begin recording, I can either click the red record button, or use the default hotkey F9 A timer will count down from 3 seconds, and then I can go ahead and capture everything I need in my recording. If I need to pause my recording at any point, I can use the pause button or the F9 Hotkey. The same hotkey will then resume my recording. When I’m finished recording, I can click the Stop button or use the hotkey F10. This will open the Preview window and my recording will begin playing back immediately. If the recording dimensions of the video are larger than the preview window, this button will allow me to toggle back and forth from viewing the recording at 100% or shrinking it to fit in the preview window. I can then click the save button to just save the recording or click the Edit button to save the recording and automatically open it in Camtasia Studio. I could also click on Produce if I wanted to take my recording directly into the Production Wizard. But for now I’ll choose Edit. I‘ll save my recording… ...and Camtasia Studio opens so I can configure my Project Settings and begin editing my project. I recommend watching the Edit tutorial next, as it will walk you through some of the basic editing features in Camtasia Studio. Thanks for watching.

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Como Grabar con Camtasia Studio 6

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