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Shi 6 - New World Order and Alien

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Alien Expose New World Order - Shi (Alioshenka) This is Shi once more today, and global systems well I see, the earth from a system perspective from a consciousness 'live' organism now, global systems would be the organs that keep their entire system - the body of consciousness existence, of this world 'alive' ok, so let's have a look at the following principle let's look at global systems, global systems in terms of, the banking system, the- the war system the- religious system, the spirituality system, the- educational system, the- food production system so, it is the huge, massive manifestation - of organs have a look each placement is an organ then you have human beings, like the blood cells of this organ that is required to keep it alive through the exchange, of money and those are a system, an entire global system, that is referred to as money then you have human beings that are the- the cells, that move around, and exchange each other, within this organism called - consciousness formulating the body, of consciousness which is the human being scurrying around amonst and between these systems trying to 'survive' it is about - survival so it is interesting because, if you look at following: human beings, as mind consciousness systems, within them keeping, the global systems 'alive' of this, consciousness system, reality is that interesting? so, it is interesting but who else keeps these global systems 'alive' this organism, this body of consciousness existence alive? but human beings but you are trapped aren't you? because you know, that if you were to stop, this exchange you will die! it is setup in such a way this system, this consciousness system organism within which you 'live', you thrive, you experience yourself that you are trapped, you are enslaved another system, global system - the government system you cannot stand up to the government system because you dependent on that organ, for your survival! another organ organs require breathe, require Life which is money! the exchange of money between the blood cells which is the human beings which move constantly continuously between these, organisms these organs, as the global systems so what now? what do we do? we are stuck, we are lost, we are fearful, we cannot do anything we cannot stand up because if we do! we will get killed we will be removed, if we dare stand up, and 'speak out' the truth but did you even know that, those the handful in control, of the organs as the global systems are also fearful are also scared all are in this world of fearful everyone existing here because they know! if they have a brink of doubt, and- and problem within this organism that 'lives' that thrives this consciousness existence that all will die the only control they have - is money money controls this organism is the breathe, that thrives, this organ, to live! Life has become money have a look, you'll see - Life has become money so we have predicament so all we have, at the moment is the origin of ourselves the trust, that of ourselves that when the organism dies, that is of consciousness existence that if the global system dies, be removed that we'll still exist the transition stage will come, it has to when everything will fall, it has to not in one go, gradually, it has to so we are able to 'adapt' some will, give up themselves unfortunately, but not really everything is specific, I find so this will be an interesting time for man so don't fright and fear, this organism will die, must die eventually Human physical body and human beings are but - the manifestation of this organism that is referred to as consciousness existence the end of time is the end of consciousness existence, it must go it has to go it is not Life thank you very much this is Shi Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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